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BEST Barrel Handle Survival Knife? + Make Your Own Mini Survival Kit – Schrade SCHF2SM Review

Could the Schrade SCHF2sm be the BEST Military Style – Barrel Handle Survival Knife for Under $100? Check Out this Full Review and Discover How to Make Your Own EDC Mini Survival Kit to Fit in the Handle of this Knife or in 101 Other Small Places. ~Enjoy

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Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in the Video :

Schrade SCHF2SM – with Clip Point

Schrade SCHF1SM – with Spear Point

Schrade SCHF1 – Larger Barrel Handle Knife with Spear Point

Schrade SCHF2 – Larger Barrel Handle Knife with Clip Point

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting / Survival Knife

SOG Force – Survival Knife

Cold Steel SRK – Survival Knife

Gerber LMF 2 – Military Survival Knife


Here’s the Stuff in the SURVIVAL Kit:

1 – 7″ (or 18 centimeter) by 12″ (or 30 centimeter) piece of medium or heavy duty aluminum foil

1 – Cotton ball

2 – Small fishing hooks

2 – Small Split Shot

2 – Waterproof Matches

1 – Match Striker

1 – Small Firesteel Rod

1 – Heavy-duty Sewing Needle

2 – Small Safety Pins

1 – 15 inch (or 38 centimeter) Length of 1 1/2 (or 3.8 centimeter) wide duct tape


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14 replies on “BEST Barrel Handle Survival Knife? + Make Your Own Mini Survival Kit – Schrade SCHF2SM Review”

That looks like a nice looking knife and wonder if it is American made. I purchased a Schrade full tang knife recently and love it. I also purchased the Uncle Henry full tang knife from the same company and it is a nice looking knife also, but have not tried it out. If this knife is as well built as the one I got it is a gem.

A separate tube handle attached with G-Flex glue is much lighter, blade heavier, and cancels vibration. G-Flex is expensive, but with hole and grooves to hold on to both the tube AND the stub tang, it is like the thing is actually one piece, just lighter and better, with the weight saved available for a large protecting guard for fingers, which all the one piece knives badly miss when chopping… And that's from actual experience heavily using a big Reeve… Ouch. The Lile r2 is better than any Reeve, but the cheap Master copy is even stronger. United have soft cast tube handles that shatter or bend, ruining the amazing blade steel performance…

I have always been a “full tang” guy but I have had a couple hallow handle knives. Of course they failed epically. I like this one and found them on amazon. Going to have to pick one up. Great review.

Wonder if it will hold up to arctic climate? Youtube is full of Ka-Bar/Schrade/Cold Steel/Buck etc. snapping off in cold climate

Say Heah Dave, Yeah, If only they made it in a 154 CM, It would be Simply TiT's, Beautiful. Don't tell me 1070 because it's not as brittle. , But I bet you would buy one in the 154 CM . I dfinetly would. I like Hollow Handle Survival Knives, Infact I posted a few of them on Google Plus. I have the Randal Made Decked-Out Model #18, I also have the Bokor Aparro that I use hard and even batoned it., a Russian NB1-01 (in Russian B's are V's), a Bianchi #1 (before they put Nigthawk on the blade), Mine just has Bianchi, a Vintage Tomahawk Brand Hollow Handle that was sold as a Hog Hunting Knife. mine was made in the U. S. A. and in the 440c. At that time it was one of the longer blade available without going custom. Mine is still as solid as the day I bought mine. The very fine teeth wasn't for wood sawing, But to cut through tough Hyde. and ofcource the Buckmaster #184. The M-9 bayo was copied from it. mine is a issue. Yeah, anyone of the above I would trust with my life. So I know one in the 154 CM would make money for now the new Smith and Wesson.,,.

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