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Smith&Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380 Review-The EDC You Hate To Carry

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Yep. Got it. You don't like the gun. My only question is, did you not try the trigger or even handle the gun BEFORE you bought it? It's NOT the gun, it's YOU.

This is not meant to be an EDC so you bought it for the wrong purpose. It's meant as a backup pistol or a pocket carry. If you are relying on this fully everyday you should get another gun as well. The fact you are trading it in just shows how naive you are to guns.

I don’t know what you’re expecting with this gun? This is a pocket pistol and isn’t meant to be shot at long range.

Get your hands on a Glock 43X! Been shooting and carrying for years, all makes/models. I prefer Glocks just for the reason that from experience all the Glocks i've owned never gave me issues and I've had 8 over the years. The 43X is perfect size for a discreet conceal carry and has 10+1 capacity 9mm.

Duh? The gun has been around for many years. Why didn't you watch any reviews before you bought it? You opinion is just your opinion…and pretty useless!

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