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Ontario 499 Survival Knife Review (2019)

👣 Adventurer Wolfmaan reviews the Ontario 499 Pilot Survival Knife by Ontario Knives

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what's the point of doing a shave test? its a 30 year old knife so it obviously doesn't have a factory edge and even a butter knife can be made shaving sharp also "a great beating" really, its a block of ice if it had failed that would have been a catostrophic failure that only a severely defective knife wouldnt pass completely unscathed

Retired US Air Force, still have my Ontario (5-94) knife. Still performs the same as the day I received it.

I had one in the early 80s when I started studying wilderness survival. I actually bent mine with my bare hands. I was choping a tree and bent the blade and actually bent it back in shape with my bare hands and no I'm no Hulk just an average 230 lb guy.

First off, I want to thank you for the video that you have provided!  🙂  The one thing that you demonstrated that really stood out was how well the saw back part of the Ontario 499 sparks against a ferro rod.  That really provided a lot of spark.  Thank you!

This knife is so easily discarded way too often. It is such a great knife. It doesnt try to look pretty, it doesnt try to be comfy. It just works its ass off and never fails. If it fails it's the user

Great video, would love to see you do more provincial park tours…arrowhead, grundy, french river etc…really cool scenery and you would get a lot of views. Cheers!

The spine is a metal file. This knife was originally designed for the pilot's survival kit. The same kit that the Doan magnesium fire starter was invented for. The metal file on the blade is actually for filing the magnesium for making fires in the event of a downed aircraft.

As for it loosening up, just soak the handle in water over night. It tightens right back up.

The original knife was made by Camillious.

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