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Elite First Aid – Survival Kit #1

Today we take a look at “survival kit #1” made by Elite First Aid Inc. The kit costs about $20, as of May 2020. Here’s what I added to the kit:
Victorinox Fieldmaster to replace the stock multitool
Duct tape
Coffee filter
2 Band-Aids
1 Gauze pad
2 Alcohol pads

1 Antibiotic ointment
1 Scalpel blade
4 Water purification tablets
4 Iburpofen
2 Benadryl
2 Immodium
12ft of 125lb test micro-paracord

Elite First Aid:
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10 replies on “Elite First Aid – Survival Kit #1”

Another awesome kit video! I subcribed to your channel because I love your survival kit reviews! I love how you give an honest review, and you add stuff to them which is probably my favorite parts lol! Anyways keep making these enjoyable kit vids bud!

Nice video! Interesting- when you mentioned the area where you live I immediately realized why our philosophies are a bit different (I'm in Montana where it gets cold even on summer nights). Of all the super cheap kits you've featured this one is one of the best. Yeah, some of the stuff is crappy but the entire kit is $20 that's understandable. As far as tweaks go I would lose the wire saw. The handles are huge and I suspect they'll break off with very little use. I don't think a wire saw is all that useful but if you want one I'd go with the small ones with rings for handles. Those are easier to convert into a bow saw (about the only way they're useful).

I really think you should add some tinder. Those compressed towels almost certainly rayon; it will burn in a fire but I doubt it will ignite with a spark. On the other hand you could ditch the coffee filter and use one of the towels to prefilter water. Great addition of the SAK! Of course it costs almost double what the kit cost. πŸ˜‰ The cord is handy as well.

My guess is that if you ditched the crappy saw you might be able squeeze a space blanket in there. It would likely be a tight squeeze, that's a pretty small bottle!

Good stuff, looking forward to what you review next.

Always enjoy your videos. Thanks!
I would put a space blanket and poncho on the outside for shelter and wrap them in place with paracord to get some more shelter options.
Also, although it is nice having a clear bottle so that you can see the contents, I would switch to stainless steel so that I could boil water more safely. In the lid, I might add a card with important phone numbers (and the content list if I used a different bottle). Would love to squeeze in a little paper and part of a pencil if possible.
Anyway…. your videos always get me thinking. Be well!

With a plastic like that, you almost needed a machete to rip the plastic, you could even do it with your hands! KaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKaKa

I agree. Not a bad kit. Your video presentation on kits is excellent. Very informative and clear.

Great video, as usual! I would ditch the wire saw (you have the saw on the Swiss Army Knife anyway…which is awesome!) Doing that would provide a lot of room for more gear. Other than that, a decent kit, especially after your additions. Thanks, and keep the video’s coming!!

Nice bottle set survival… Repacking – u could have put something of those i.e towel tablets insde empty space in that whistle/compass/ flaslight etc. thingy?

I couldn't agree more. Not sure why they put these toggles on the wire saw in the first place when rings give you so many more options and are less cumbersome to get in and out of that bottle. Apart from the Victorinox saw being the best saw in this kit anyway πŸ˜‰

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