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Compact EDC Clash: Benchmade Mini-Bugout vs Mini-Griptilian | KnifeCenter Reviews

Squaring off are two compact folders ideal for lightweight EDC duty. Check them out here:

Benchmade has a couple of hits on their hands with the Griptilian and the Bugout. So for both, they made new, perfectly-pocketable, Mini versions. The Mini-Griptilian boasts all the variety of its full-size brethren, while the new Mini-Bugout shrinks the Bugout’s winning formula and shrinks it down until it fits into an Altoids tin.

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27 replies on “Compact EDC Clash: Benchmade Mini-Bugout vs Mini-Griptilian | KnifeCenter Reviews”

This might be the creepiest knife center video ever, it’s like it was done in the basement of his moms house

Own a formerly white mini-bugout…Did a Black Rid Dye on scales, and now it is all blacked out. Been my EDC for about 2 months now. Love this little guy. Very lightweight and easy on the pocket carry due to small size, but can handle most daily projects.

I put a bugout clip on my mini grip which fits better. Mini grip clip is way too big.
Quality wise? Bugout is better.
Mini grip is a bit rounded which may be comfortable? I dunno both these knives are too small.
I think the regular bugout is better than both of these.

I have the full size Knife Center exclusive Bugout. It’s pretty small for EDC in my opinion

I can't see either being a bad choice. Both have great blade profiles, I can't decide. I'm gonna have to get both!

SHOTGUN KNIVES. Makes a great inexpensive!! Seepfoot Blade. "Check it out." Dave C Anderson…
Stay Safe 👍🇱🇷🗡

Honestly I'd probably have to go for the griptilian because of the sheepsfoot and all the other options, I do want to get a bugout at some point though.

No bugging out for me. I'll gladly stay and fight. Can Knife Center do some more videos on close quarters combat knifes please.

I bought a KnifeCenter Battlewash Bugout and never looked back. RealIy nice knife. I no longer have that lightweight folder itch.

I owned a mini grip a long time ago and gave it way because I thought it was too small. Fast forward to just over a month ago I was gifted a mini Bugout and absolutely love it. I guess my tastes have changed.

Mini griptilian for me. In a way it can take much more of a beating design wise especially If its updated to s30v.

Also mine had its scales swapped out into titanium cuscadi ones and is also a gift from a friend. That knife actually has a pretty neat story on how i lost and found it

Huge Bugout fan. Griptilians just have never been my thing. That being said, in the mini category I prefer the mini Freek. Great review though, thanks for the video.

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