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Bushcraft Ready? – EKA Nordic W12 Knife – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the EKA Nordic W12 Knife. An excellent knife for any hiker, bushcrafter or hunter!


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Price : $95 currently on Amazon


Built for just about anything survival, adventure, hunting and wilderness living.

Modified drop point blade

full tang construction,
Textured thumb grip on blade back for better control.
Ergonomic checkered G10 handles alternative G10 in orange or black to achieve an optimum grip in adverse conditions, assembled with precision machine screws allowing user to complete disassembly for cleaning. Glass smasher and lanyard hole with a 550 parachute cord to avoid dropping the knife and to keep it where it should be.

– Scandinavian ground blade for extreme sharp edge and durability – – Pronounced finger guard –
Field hammer Pommel –

Kydex belt sheath with changeable screws in different position.

EKA knows how to make a very good quality knife and have been making blades since the 1800’s. Using high quality materials. Know for strength and design.

Pros :

Nice Grips.
Very sharp.
Full Tang makes it great for batoning.

Good thickness, strong.
Stainless Steel

Fire Steel
10 year warranty

Cons :

The fire steel could be easily lost.

Who is this for :

Hiker, camper or hunter.

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19 replies on “Bushcraft Ready? – EKA Nordic W12 Knife – Review”

Based on your review I picked this knife up. I really do like it but I can't understand why there are such few reviews on it. I think this knife and the company are kinda like a hidden gem.

A giant secondary edge on a "scandi grind" makes me want to puke. Same thing with my Jääkäripuukko, took me an hour to remove the secondary edge on that one. The Jääkäripuukko is cheaper than this where I am.

Excellent video my friend,im buying the Eka T12,that knife is better than the Falkniven F1 which is over two times the price of your Eka,stay safe.

EKA knives are very high quality at a very reasonable price. I have the Nordic A10 with Birch scales and it is one super tough knife. I think it is discontinued so I would choose the W 12 now and the blade is a almost an inch longer.

I think the knife is a good 'Jack of all trades'. Everybody calls it a full tang but I wonder if the handle is skeletonized or not. I could not find a video where somebody actually took of the handle scales and showed what's underneath. Anyway. Liked the video.

This man is lier!
Probably he is paid to say all this!
This eka nordic w12 is not sharp at all
Knife is terrible with wood working
It’s useless
Terrible knife
I watched this video and many others before I bought the knife and mostly because of this video I bought the knife!
I have mora basic, very cheap knife and that knife is much sharper then eka w12
Don’t listen everyone

Damn okay, 94€ here for stainless, G10 handle and kydex sheath (+little rod) is a heck of a deal.
I should stop watching all those overpriced American knife reviews on YT because I miss out on all those EU made knives.

I think maybe I had a defective model. My knife was the same but with the wooden handles, came out of the box dull, field sharpener didn't work, spine didn't throw sparks very well. Might give this knife another go

Say Heah Luke, Absolutely I like Mora blade styles, Infact I bought my Skookum Bush Tool because of the way it resembled blade style I like and this EKA W-12 is one too, The 12c27 is also a pretty good steel, I was trying to by a Gerber L. M. F. ASEK but in the 12c27, I found a advertising where they were selling the 12c27, But after talking to the guy, He told me he just ordered it from Gerber a few months ago, We'll Gerber stopped using the 12c27 for the L. M. F. since 2008, Had I not know this the L. M. F. would of been in the 420HC, and since neither did the 12c27 version or the 420HC had this info marked on the blade You couldn't tell what Steel the knife was made from. So for the simikar price, I'm getting the EKA W-12, Luke, Thanx for showing it.

Hi Luke. Thx for a great review. Please be brutally honest, would u use the knife sharpener on the fire steel. I've use some cheap V shaped sharpeners and usually I regretted it. Thx.

Great looking knife! Thank you for the review. I've been asking you guys for a knife review. My favorite knife was stolen and it was expensive. I can't replace it so I wanted to see some options. I'd really like another folding blade so I'll be keeping my eyes open for more reviews. Best wishes

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