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Triple Aught Design Fast Pack EDC (2018) Review

Reviewing Triple Aught Design’s famous Fast Pack EDC. I highly recommend this pack for any use, active military, casual hiking, civilian work and even as a diaper bag (that’s what I use it for on the weekend!!) My bag has been through a lot in the past two years and is still going strong.

Any questions or comments, likes or dislikes send them my way.

Triple Aught Design Fast Pack EDC:

Control Panel 1:

All images from the website are owned by and the credit is all for the men and women over at Triple Aught Design in San Francisco.

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The previous version is better. It had a roll top dry sack/laptop compartment. Claims to have gotten rid of it because of consumer feedback which is complete BS. Which is why the comment section on the official video on the version of edc was disabled from the start. They just wanted lower cost for themselves but no added saving to consumers because the price is the same.

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