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Tops Prather War Bowie Knife Review

They’ve done it again. Another fighting camp blade to exceed expectations

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How would you rate against other 7 inch blades.. bk7 silent hero etc… in the market for a primary belt knife..

I hate nylon too… I refuse to wear them unless lashed to a bag. Great video D!🍻

I put scales which go further and follow down to the choil, so there is plenty of surface for your fingers to jam against. It is more comfortable when you stab into firm surfaces. There is around 1" of surface instead of the 1/4" blade. Plenty of surface for your pinky to jam into. Good blade for a soldier.

Tops makes some good knives as my knife I want is the El Chete….Nice review and work sir….Good stuff….

Hey Donnie, Could you make a review of Bowie-like knifes from aliexpress? I just ordered one made of d2(I know they often lie in descriptions but anyway, saw the photos from customers and decided its worth it anyway) Im just wondering if you have some experience with china knifes and if you would recommend some of them?

Couldn't agree more with you i don't like nylon sheath's either. Also, im not a big fan of the knife either kinda looks like a tactical kitchen knife.

Nice review as always Donnie. Can you tell me what do you think about Prather War Bowie in comparison to Ka-bar Big Brother from pure fighting/combat perspective? Thanx and greetings from Slovakia.

I love this knive, the design is just flawless (and small) and yes, Tops sheaths' do suck! We need kydexor leather for this baby!

This knife screams… I’m a freakin badass blade don’t mess with me bigfoot and don’t mess with my owner the one the only , the exceptional, the next president of this great Nation USA 🇺🇸 Donny „the blade“ b allday

Hey Donnie. Hope you're doing great, buddy. Great lookin' knife. To me; I ll take a Khukuri knife. For that all-around greatness. From combat to camping.
Also, I agree with you on the sheath. I'll take a leather or Kydex too.

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