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Les George VECP Knife Review – Collection Selection No.77 [The Knife Junkie]

The Les George VECP was probably my first “grail” knife. The look of it and the acclaim it received when it first hit the scene as among the first Mid-tech knives had me transfixed.

When Pro-tech released their Rockeye automatic, a production version of this design, I snapped it up and placated myself with the thought that I may never have a VECP or Rockeye custom, but I have the design in an excellent production form.

When I saw this come up on BladeForums for a price I could stomach I snatched it up without hesitation. This version (Gen 1 with a Gen 3 clip?) has XHP steel, beautifully coated, and an amazing titanium handle, sporting some of the smoothest washer action out there.

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6 replies on “Les George VECP Knife Review – Collection Selection No.77 [The Knife Junkie]”

I'm commenting before I am even watching, but my very first thought was"that reminds me of the William Harsey T2" that was a Lone Wolf knife about 10 years ago. Already love the knife just from the thumbnail!

Very nice! The Rockeye is one of my personal favorites. Has such a sleek look. Much better looking up close. Pics do it zero justice 🍻

Congrats! I love my VECP….but are those aftermarket thumb studs? those don't look like the thumb studs Les typically uses on his knives.

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