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Why I'm Selling My Knife Collection

Selling my knife collection via private auction
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27 replies on “Why I'm Selling My Knife Collection”

It always surprises me how much you are willing to give to your viewers and supporters. Keep being you!

Hey Ryky! I picked up a Cerax through your affiliate link a little while ago. Today I got my first razor sharp knife! I can do wavy cuts on paper, and got a sick bald spot on my arm! Thank you!

Just joined your patreon. Excited for tomorrow. What time is the auction?
I Just got the 165mm hanmamon for 80. Thanks for the reference. Check out the Masutani vg10 165 santoku.

In your opinion would the Bob Kramer kit be better/more cost effective than the Naniwa diamond stones ?
With much the same outcome ?

Crazy to see how far you've come. I was just watching a video, from three years ago, where you repaired your friend's "crappy" knives. The first one, you didn't show your face. The second one, you showed your face only because people requested it, but you were still uncomfortable with it. Just crazy to see your professional development as well as the growth of your channel, and now you're moving to a dedicated space. It's awesome watching your success. Keep up the amazing work!

BTW, I ordered your pro stones. They're still making their way through customs. It's gonna be an awesome jump from my sharper pebble stones I've been using. I have a question about the Bob Kramer technique. I have it a shot yesterday on 4 knives. Sharpest I've ever gotten my knives! Both my Tojiro's came out amazing. My cheapo knives edge came out good, but when it came to pushing the trailing edge away from me, I scraped up the side of the tip pretty bad, on both knives. Do you have any ideas why this may have happened? Maybe I'm pressing too hard at the tip?

good channel. Maybe integrate some cooking and food prep with your channel Maybe collaboration with Kenji Alt Lopez ..just a random thought

Need more information about the auction. Definitely would like to purchase a knife. I visited the link you provide and I do not understand how it will work. Would love to bid on one of your Yanagibas

So it is just for the people who can afford to send you ten dollars a month… at least they will get a chance to get great knives for next to nothing since they can afford to do that lmao

Hey Ryky ! I actually wanted to know that do you need to coat pakka wood handles with some mineral oil ? Thanks πŸ™Œ

That gorgeous Super Goh is hands down my favourite knife I've seen so far from you. Been watching a lot of videos on damascus steel folding during the pandemic (including one guy who made a 1000-3000 layer damascus once from band saws and other metal strips) but nothing beats this. The almost fiery tones in that handle are breathtaking. I can't believe you are really letting that one go.

This is an awesome video you posted. I hope the move to your new home and studio go smoothly!

Ryky. Best wishes for the landlord approval on your proposal! It will be fun to see how you grow 😊

I have most of all utilities knife except deba and yanagiba. But it's all right handed. Ahhh, life aint fair that left handed knife are more expensive. Keep up the good work. I still need to catch up on some of your video.

When your passion makes you money… you don't feel like you are working for it. Best wishes for your new step!

wow, i actually just bought that aogami #2 steel hand made knife, it got here from Japan in less than a week. Super happy with it so far.

Edit. Man I got really lucky on the timing. I just happened to search for aogami steel knives earlier this week and found it for 80ish dollars.

Now what are you going to do if the zombie hoards attack while you are in your garage? Be sure to keep at least 150 or so knives up on that wall. 😁

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