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The CJRB Feldspar Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at the CJRB Feldspar, in both large and small versions, and find that although it’s the same knife twice, only one is a gem.

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If you really like thumb studs, I guess they are ok. Ganzo still takes the win for quality and value. I love the FH41.

I actually ended up preferring the small one just from it's size between the two. I definitely think you probably have the best QC version ever because mine definitely came with QC issues. I have really bad detent play on my little one, to the point the blade can be lifted enough for the tip to stick above the handle. I've poked myself with it. Thanks for the review!

I wear xl gloves and I don't even feel the clip on the small feldspar in my hands, no matter how hard I squeeze the handle. On the other hand the clip on the large feldspar, while not terrible, I can definitely feel it when using the knife. All according to your hand size I guess, and as always, great video.

This could be a record. Most times you ever said that you appreciate it very much in any video? Could be. And for us 10 percenters we appreciate very much having the option to switch the clip even though the frame lock stinks for us.

Hey Nick, love from Scotland! I am not even interested in this knife, but you're a great jackass to watch and pass the time 😉 Thanks for the shout a few Christmases ago, if you remember 🙂

Purchased this knife and while I like it I did have some issues. There was a gap between the blade and the lock to where when the blade was deployed and I shook the knife, it rocked forwards and backwards. I contacted support and when explaining the situation they instantly said “oh right, we’ll send you a new one.” This makes me think that this may be a more common problem/issue. Also they wanted me to pay shipping out of pocket to ship the blade back. I fought for a pre-paid shipping label. They said they would last week and I have yet to hear from them. Purchased directly from their website btw. Knife is nice if you get a good one. Customer service is a little less than desired.

@Nick I appreciate that you carry these knives for a couple of weeks or a month or whatever before you review them. What I would like to know is, what do you do with them while you carry them? To me, 'carry' just means it sits in your pocket while you're walking around. What sorts of tasks do you routinely use the knives for during your carry period? Do you have a testing methodology that you put each knife through? Or do you just use them as, when, and if the need arises and the actual use can be different for each knife depending on the needs of the day?

It would serve all of us to stay away from Chinese products. They’re cheap disgusting Country for human rights what would possess somebody to buy this product!

G'day Nick, the large in particular is a stellar design for $35 USD. Love the clean lines with some chunkitude and a great action.
If I could get one in stain…less, say 14C28N, I'd buy it even though I don't need it. Btw; Not that it matters to me, but those blades that are the tiniest fraction over legal will ultimately sharpen out, but I guess you've gotta call it as is.
Thanks for the review once again. Cheers Duke.

Love my feldspar, but you should try the bestech bobcat..similar ergos but slicier blade

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