survival kit review

Henry AR 7 Survival Rifle

Shooting and discussing the very interesting little AR 7 survival rifle.
We appreciate Bud’s lending us this rifle!
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23 replies on “Henry AR 7 Survival Rifle”

You think those mags are hard to load with cold hands? How about those Ruger 10/22 rotary mags?

Good review. I've bought back then1982 charter arms one. I've put a rear sight over the barrel and modified the stock channel to make it fit in there. Very accurate portable little rifle. Thirty meters center punching Koke lids snce then! By the way, those first magazines were very bad ones, I've had to work hard on the lips!

I have the same gun in black,but made by charter arms I bought in brand new back in 1988 for 89.99 dollars plus taxes.and I've never had not one problem with it yet!!!!!

I have the black one. It didn't come with that sight plate on the back and only had two magazines though. Great rifle so far ^^ As far as the ammo capacity, they do sell 15 round magazines for it!

I don't have any guns. We wanted to look at the catalog. Then I wanted to see a video on it. That thing is louder than I thought it would be. Nice. Now I have 2nd thoughts.

Hopefully they don't ban this in Canada. It has the "AR" designation in its name. If I had any trade skills I'd be getting a visa and moving to the greatest country in the world. Until then I'll have to watch from this side of the border like a puppy scratching at the door to get outside.

Marine Corps veteran here…. Not that it matters… but jus wanted to let uncle hickok45 know he is my HERO!!! YOUR AWESOME BROTHER KEEP IT UP!!

I’ve had 3 of these and all have been great little guns. Shoots great and the only malfunction was from crappy Thunderbolt ammo. My 12 yr old son loves to shoot this thing. The perfect pack/behind the seat gun imo.

This is not an original one, I have an original one that was made as a survival rifle given to pilots in Vietnam the military ones had a strange looking multi color Camo stock and the civilian ones had an ugly puke orange stock (this type was used in one of the bond movies)

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