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Victorinox Workchamp Swiss Army Knife Review

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20 replies on “Victorinox Workchamp Swiss Army Knife Review”

Very Good review on Workchamp , one request would be if could show us all the real uses of all the tools practically in a video format by showing us how to use all the tools THANK U

I recently noticed button locked Hercules going out of production, assuming its true is it worth to get my hand on one just for collection? Its last piece in my country and available for USD 45, usually it goes for USD 82.

It is still hard for me to contemplate the size of the "large" (111mm) SAKs since I am so used to my regular swisschamp which has still been the largest SAK I have held with my own hands. Have a one-hand trekker in the mail right now though so it is soon to change, but still…. this work champ seems like a chonky beast!

I love the Workchamp. It’s a great outdoors knife and, while at the house, I’ve used it to cut a number of screws with the metal saw. I recently bought a 111mm Trekker to add to my outdoor knife set and, depending on where I’m going, I carry one or the other.

I LOVE multitools, but one thing I really don't get is why they put a bottle opener on a lot of them. if you can figure out how to open a bottle with a bic lighter, then you can figure out how to use many other things the same way you would use the lighter to open a bottle. since there's a limited number of tools you can put on a multitool, why sacrifice that space the bottle opener takes up when you can use so many other things? heck you can probably use the multitool itself like you would use a lighter therefore there's no real reason to have a bottle opener as one of the tools. it just doesn't seem very smart. the way I look at it, if you HAVE to have a bottle opening tool to open a bottle, and can't figure out any other way to do it, then you're not very handy.

It’s too bulky and impractical to carry in your pocket. You’re better off carrying a Swiss Champ because it’s pretty much the same but it’s lighter to carry in your pocket….plus the Swiss Champ has a built-in ball pen & a pin.

I wish victorinox puts its universal wrench in more tools like the workchamp and the cybertool because it's so much more useful than the openers …
And yes seeing this also in those lare pliers based swiss knives too…

I thought that these SAK's with the external safety were unpopular because the blade has a bit of wiggle when locked?

Another great review. Thanks. Do you know if the pen from the Swisschamp can fit into either the tweezer or toothpick slot of the Workchamp? Thanks

Hello. The best detail is that the Workchamp File allso is a Metallsaw. An a real Metalsaw is Hart to find on a Multitool. Most of them has a 3 sites file and not a Real Saw. I have the Workchamp an use it a lot and it is on of the best multitools ever.

Hi, I need to buy a pocket carry. i already have a small tinker but i need one with saw, pliers & scissors for carrying it around my garden, garage & my clinic situated in my campus. Which one should i buy- Handyman, workchamp or hercules. thanks in advance

Lets play with the idea of a Victorinox / Spyderco collab and having a s30v endura or pm3 blade on this.

The corkscrew is awesome for undoing knots!

Sounds like a bit limited version of the champ in number of the tools in the work champ albeit of some advanatges.

A "Workchamp" with a corkscrew. I do not understand why so many swiss knives have one. The phillips is infinitely more useful.

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