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I put together an EPIC EDC Urban Altoids Survival Kit

– Leatherman Micra
– Olight i1R EOS
– Lever Gear CableKit Lightning/USB-C /
– KeySmart Nano Pen
– Pill Stash
– Munkees Nail Clippers
– Resolute X-1
– Utility Knife Blades
– Titaner Falcon EDC Scalpel
– Spare #11 Scalpel Blades (x3)
– CountyComm Industrial Strength Survival Food Grade Tins
– CountyComm EDC-Key Screwdriver
– Uncle Bills Sliver Grippers
– SIM Removal Tools (x4)
– Heavy Duty Needles (x4)
– Spare O-Rings (x4)
– Ferro Rod
– Alcohol Prep Pads (x2)
– Bandages (x4)
– Toothpicks (x4)
– Titanium Toothpick
– Microfiber Cloth

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My Current EDC

– Damasko DC58
– Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21
– Tactile Turn Bolt Action Mini
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14 replies on “I put together an EPIC EDC Urban Altoids Survival Kit”

Hi Taylor for some reason every time I try to join the discord it says I'm banned. I have never even posted something. Please help me

Hello from Belgium mr Martin. Good vidéo as usual. I ask myself if you are intend to make a review of the Duval, the front flipper from the James Carter brand? Keep on with the great work, and sorry for my poor english.

Replace the SD card and USB drive with a ultra portable microSD USB adapter. It'll be the same real estate as the ultra portable USB drive you already have. I'd add in a mini packet of mouth wash and capped tooth brush of some sort cuz, well, urban survival. Probably a small roll of duct tape rolled in on itself or something. A small folded plastic bag cuz you never know when you gotta bag up some water, evidence, what have you. Maybe some disposable gloves and a condom. The disposable gloves for obvious reasons and condom not just for sex but can be used for I don't know…improvised wound plug, tie up usb to swallow, maybe you EDC a pistol and gotta use whatever lubricant to clear a failure after you gtfo of situation and have a sec or maybe even the bolt of an AR, whatever. A single needle and some thread and .4mm or so monofilament. Oh, and probably some ultraportable window breaker and a window cutter and possibly a shim tool. I'd probably dump the pills into a small plastic baggy and add in one of those metal cards that have punch out lock picks.

personally, I wouldn't put the SD card next to the magnetic pen cap. and I agree the scalpel is a bit redundant.

I have made about 5-6 of these tins for different purposes a few years ago when I first got into EDC gear. The last tin I made about a year ago I had: a credit card shaped Ian Sinclair knife, a couple of Grim and Readyman tool cards, a Pico pen and post it combo card, duct tape wrapped around a card, a multitool card, $20, couple of stamps, emergency numbers, glow tape on the inside lid, reflector tape on the outside bottom, P38 can opener, fresnel lens, and a velcro strap around the closed tin.

I made a hygiene tin that I used a lot that had: Listerine strips, condom, Shout wipes, Lens cloth, instant foaming tooth clean(Rip Pack), individual hand wipes, dude wipes, deodorant wipes, solid cologne, individual wrapped towel pucks, Biofreeze trial pack, nail clippers, Medilyte energy tablets, and hangover pills.

First off, Mr. Martin, let me say that I'm a first time viewer. Followed a YouTube recommendation, because I love the topic of EDC and I get lots of ideas that sometimes influence me to change up my carry. At 0:20, when you tipped up the Altoids tin, I thought to myself, hasn't anyone told him it's 2020 and he isn't teenager!!! I'm so glad I didn't click off, because this is one of the best pocket kits I've ever seen! I can't wait to see some more of your library of work. Definitely an LSCS for the algorithm.
Second, what a great community you have on your channel. I must have read at least 100 of the comments and the feed back is incredible. Many great inclusions or substitutions that are great! Dental floss, cash and a tiny magnet, come to mind. But more impressive! Not a troll in the bunch!!! A video goes out to an active audience of nearly 150 thousand people and you couldn't find one! On the INTERNET!!! I have to DM you on one of your other sites, so you can share the secret of that one. (-;
Finally, my two cents worth of suggestions: I would swap out the Leatherman micro, I can't help but feel a pair of pliers would come in handier in an urban situation like, holding down that nut while tightening the bolt with the screwdriver. at least, more so than the larger scissors, which I would want in my suburban/bordering-on-rural kit. Add in the floss, $40-100 cash (I don't have a feel for how thick the gear was already and $40 will get you an Uber back to the hotel/home, which is what something like this kit is meant for) and the magnet (or magnetize the needles, because, even in an urban setting, if you are unfamiliar with the city, it might help to know for certain which is north.
Sorry for the verbosity, but what can I say: a true Boomer, through and through! LOL
Keep up the great work,
Best of health and success to you and the family,

You know your stuff man, was a pleasure to watch! Time well spent guys I highly recommend watching the entire video

I’ve been eyeing that screwdriver for a while, just haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. I may do so now. Thanks Taylor.

A tiny super glue is suuuuuuper useful! You can use it for those annoying cuts in places that a band aid doesn't work well. I'd also put the band aids on the top and not the bottom. Obviously it isn't as aesthetically pleasing, but if you're bleeding and you need to dump everything out of the tin to get to your band aids then you'll lose your tiny pieces!

i have a small kit in a compact camera case- roughly the same dimensions as an altoids tin. have carried various set ups in my backpack for several years. Nitecore tube, gerber dime, wenger card, nail clippers, lightning/micro charge cable, mini hacksaw blade, 1 each of $5, 10, 20 notes. 2X$2 and a $1 coins. tiny metal whistle, chapstick, couple of bandaids, 3X1L water purification tablets.

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