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Esee 4 Handle Mod Camp Survival Knife Full Review and Test

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Sorry if something I spoke about was lost – I did a mass edit of my descriptions.

16 replies on “Esee 4 Handle Mod Camp Survival Knife Full Review and Test”

The kydex version is so much better ….That billboard leather sheath is nice but very weird and way to showy.
It has that "look at me I'm wearing an ESEE knife on my hip …I am an ESEE owner " herp herp herp.

I bumped into an old dude at Walmart a few years back in the knife section and started talking knives , ugh….The guy had an esee on his hip and started talking about their warranty and how he doesn't buy any knives but esee yadda yadda he wouldn't stop….He then starts bashing all those other brands behind the glass like he was there to fight for USA steel companies😂 He was nice, just had serious fan pride.

I started back stepping away and was saved by an employee asking him if he needed help . He had no idea what he got himself into as my son and I took off we looked at each other with a…"What the @$#%?" was that look.

Some Esee brand fans are a bit zealous over their 1095HC Rowen heat treated knives….I think he walks the knife sections just waiting for someone to see his Esee on his hip. Waiting for a fish like me to bite…Hey that's an Esee ya got there ……"Why yes ..yes it is" .

That knife in 3v or cruwear without the coating would be my dream knife. Let's make it a 5 incher and call it the ESEE 5 shtf bushcrafter. I'll probably still thin the edge out a tiny bit.

Bought one today at a store here in Ohio. Paid $105 for it. I really dont like carbon steel but everyone speaks so highly of ESEE as a brand and how well they take care of their customers that I figured id give it a shot. The leather sheath is simple but I like it. I am still searching for an Ontario Blackbird. There aren't too many places with good knife selections here. Everything is so tactical oriented that it's hard to find knives for camping and bushcraft. The store I went today was 1 or 2 retailers for Hidden Woodsmen so that was cool. They had LT Wright and many other brands that you don't see at other outdoor stores. Glad you liked this knife. I love watching DBK and their review of ESEE made me think my purchase may have been a mistake.

why do you keep bashing it threw wood…….try cutting with it…..try using a lawn mower blade great. …save your knives……

Instead of hitting the handle of the knife to get it perpendicular, hit the front side of the log. This can help save your handle from breaking (while batoning that is).

Honestly, I think Esee is a complete rip-off. It's extortionate how much they ask for the materials involved. I like 1095. It's a time tested tough old steel, but it is a cheap steel, doesn't hold an edge that long (easy to sharpen, though) and rusts in a heartbeat. These knives shouldn't cost nearly as much as they do. You're essentially paying 3 times as much as you should in exchange for a great warranty.

I recently had a look at their stainless version of the Esee 4. $140 for 440C! It's a joke. You can buy a Real Steel Observer (440C, G10, Kydex sheath) for a fraction of the price.

No doubt Esee knives are tough (soft heat treat), but they are ridiculously overpriced.

Oh plenty of haters of ESEE knives. I own most of the line and even a badass t-shirt lol. They'll take whatever you throw at them!

Good review and a great knife. Love the new design on both the 4HM and 6HM. They killed the choils. Yeah!!!

Here I am 4 months later watching an Esee rerun😅
I've never been an Esee fan BUT the HM 4 has a great basic design, if it can survive the demonic Aussie wood baked in the real underworld, it can survive almost anything.
Hey man if ya get a chance take a look at Real Steels new Bushcraft Plus knife, it comes in scandi or flat and looks really nice.

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