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CRKT Batum Knife Review. A well balanced 7 ounce folder with 3 inch blade!

The CRKT Batum is a knife designed by the The Batum was designed by Denmark’s Jesper Voxnaes who made the popular Pilar this year, but wanted a much heavier slightly bigger folder. Makes sense. This blade is ok, if you like the Medord weight without the price.

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24 replies on “CRKT Batum Knife Review. A well balanced 7 ounce folder with 3 inch blade!”

Blade shape reminds me of the Summit Knives Half Dome.

Too bad they didn't use a better blade steel or at least offer an upgraded version.

I was doing some research on the Batum because I want a Jesper-designed blade but I’m not willing to become one of the Pilar fanboyz. Yet. Anyway, now I have a reason to frequent YouTube. Your reviews are perfect. Thank you.

In other descriptions of the goods, I met such parameters. Maybe this is not accurate. Overall Length: 5.94"
– 15.71cm
Blade Length: 2.45"
– 6.22cm
Blade Thickness: 0.15"
– 3.73mm
Handle Length: 3.49" – 9.41cm
Weight: 3.60 oz. – 0.1021 kg. I'm sorry, I indicated the dimensions of the CRKT Batum Compact CR5451 knife. And you have the option – CRKT Batum CR5453.

Think I’d rather have two quarter pounders if if I wanted to gain a half pound.
Kinda too smal to do anything useful.

Huh. I own a Kershaw 3/4 Ton, sort of the same design philosophy but thinner blade, less tall, lighter, same steel. A garage knife, one you would put in a vehicle toolbox. This CRKT knife is nuts, a triumph of design over function.

Unsubscribed. No room for lefties? It was made for us, if u notice its not meant to go inside ur pocket. Imma carry it tip up on the outside of my basketball shorts.

Looks like a decent budget blade.

I find this channel informative but hysterical at the same time. Just another “elitist” knife channel.

Run it across your wrist and then I’ll be sold on the review.

Always enjoy  your videos, youtube is owned and operated by libtard douche-bags, eventually it'll catch up to them.  Same goes for google.  Keep up the good videos and fuck youtube.

Amen about the monetisation shenanigans. It's real simple; They demonetise your content during the time it makes most of it's potential income. They literally incentivise us all to leave by financial starvation. Heck, you might be doing it just for the fun, but some of us have mouths to feed. There's not a whole lot positive to be thought if you see your employer slowly reigning in the paycheck until there's nothing left to pay out. I can understand the big channels panic reaction.

The automated systems in place are rampant with flagging. Screw originality, or quality. Controversial topics, or weapons in view? How about talking about the news? Got a giant channel and dropping the f-bomb from time to time..Yeaaaah that's not gonna fly. We got advertisers to protect. Wouldn't want to have one of our ads play in front of a channel that does X, Y or Z. And so the flagging gets stricter and the demonetisation spree takes ever broader strokes in interpreting what is ad-friendly and what is not.

Welcome to 1984 brother. We're all here because there's nothing else comparable to Youtube. Pretty soon we'll all be making cat video's and "we happy few" politically correct, harmless video's. Just like they want us to.

Youtube has turned their back on the one source that made their platform profitable in the first place; The content creators.

And the worst thing is; I'm not even mad about it anymore.. They've been screwing over their userbase so long, it's become expected.

edit: Ah, btw, this video didn't show up in my subscription feed. Subbed, belled etc.. Nothing.. Thanks Obama..

This knife seems pretty mediocre, but I was listening to Frank Zappy while watching this, so I'm probably gonna get one.

I like the Medford references. If you keep cranking out the vids, I'll keep watching them!

i hate thick stock knives, super impracticle in a folder, i dont know why knife companies insist on this, if this was a thinner knife it would actually be functional, for me even the thickness of a para 2 is too much for me in a folder, i like my rat 2 or opinels, slice like a pro

Idea: a video on knife sharpening with waterstones or the like. You could call it “Game of Hones”. 😀

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