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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

ADULT TOPIC …. LANGUAGE WARNING…. My Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit with Weapons… and my 10 Rules To Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

Many people will be unprepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse… not me, I have dedicated my life to preparation for the event. I train constantly, verify weapon functionality and effects on random test subjects, and stockpile supplies and ammunition for use against them. This is my TESTED and VERIFIED Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit… Watch this video and learn!



AR-15 H-BAR .223
CAR-15 .223
Remington 11-87 Police 12 gauge
SIG-Sauer P226 .357 Sig .40 S&W 9mm
SIG-Sauer P229 .357 Sig .40 S&W 9mm
SIG-Sauer P239 .357 Sig .40 S&W 9mm
Strider SMF
Strider PT
Emerson CQC-15
Emerson Mini CQC-7
Emerson Super Karambit
Homemade anti-Zombie Maces
Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher
Dead On Annihilator
KABAR Kukri Machette
Busch Beer Camouflage 12 ounce can
Vanilla Vodka
Duck Tape & KY Personal Lubricant
Princess Leia Slave Girl Outfit

All shoved into my:
Maxpedition Glen Eagle Messenger Bag
Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger Backpack

I didn’t show my zombie outfit… but it is a black motorcycle road racing leathers set, 1.7mm thick… almost impervious to bites!!

Brought to you by Frenzied Palm, Frenzied Clam, and Frenzied Calm.

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He’s wasted and would not survive because he’d be drunk all day. Not gonna lie I’d take sone whiskey to drink at night during camping but I would not get wasted and risk passing out drunk or affecting my fighting capabilities.

The Homemade anti-Zombie Maces is so cool ! Are there something similar to that? Really want to buy.

What the fuck is a test subject wtf

Take this Serial killers guns away.
Oh gosh he has more killers on his side…
What version is his zombie Apocalypse people?
This guy is 100% serial killer
He’s not done finishing his test subjects oh fuck.
So he gets drunk to kill his test subjects wtf???

i used to watch this video over and over almost a decade ago as i just liked it so much being a Zombie Fan 🙂 just the memories came back after 9 years and it took me over 5 hours to find this video, i saw you stopped making videos, i was just wondering if you could reply and let us know if everything is fine on your side

Wait woah hold up what the fuck did he say?!?! He’s gotta “finish off the job”?? And “his test subjects escaped”?! This dudes has lost all his marbles! I swear 😂

"living or dead test subjects" wtf??? WTF????? what were the test subjects???? there are so many issues with everything in this????

Ummm, what are you meaning when you say "test subjects"? Are you sure this isn't a "human trafficking kit"?

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