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Mac Knives – 6.5" Santoku All Purpose Chef Knife Review

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26 replies on “Mac Knives – 6.5" Santoku All Purpose Chef Knife Review”

How on Earth would MAC send you anything for review. You don't know anything about knives

without atleast a combi … that mac wont last half a year.. fyi butter are more difficult to cut…

Don't use that sharpening tool for a japanese knife… It's made in another way than the european and should be sharpened with like 3 degrees angle on the one side and 25 degrees on the other

I love my Mac Santoku. That said and with all due respect, they are not the sharpest kitchen knives in the world – not even close. Japanese carbon steel knives can get a whole lot sharper. They do cost you though. Mac's Santoku is a great one though – very good all purpose knife without the worry of your knife reacting to foods and without the headache of keeping it dry every second during prep.

Decent OOTB sharpness. Veggies…did a okay job. Paper…not clean enough. Imagine how sharp they will be after using Japanese water stone and a strop. DO NOT use the sharpening device he recommended. Will end up damaging your knives introducing a recurve at the heel of the cutting edge and round off the tip in time.

I'm thinking of buying a MAC MTH-80 as well. Too bad there's no 9" version.

I have the Santoku you show and MAC MTH-80. I cannot say enough good about them. Good video.

@YuNgsAjE That's not a very nice thing to say… The video doesn't intend to show of anyone's knife skills… just the knife itself it seems. Anyway, I urge you to think before you comment… you can hurt peoples feelings!

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