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Japanese vs German Knives – Shun vs Wusthof Cutlery

What is the different between Japanese and German knives? We will examine Shun and Wusthof knives, to see how their design philosophies differ, and see which may be best for you.

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Shun Knives

Shun knives are handcrafted in Japan, using traditional methods from the manufacturing of legendary samurai swords. Shun has been making knives for over a century. There are several knife collections to choose from, including the popular Shun Classic collection and the new razor sharp Shun Reserve series. Every Shun Knife is created by skilled artisans and requires at least 100 steps to complete. Made in Japan with a limited lifetime warranty.

Wusthof has been manufacturing forged knives since 1814 and has become known as the leading quality cutlery manufacturer of the world. We offer every series of Wusthof Knives, with Wusthof Classic being the most popular. All Wusthof cutlery is made in Solingen, Germany and comes with their lifetime warranty.

12 replies on “Japanese vs German Knives – Shun vs Wusthof Cutlery”

I own knives from both brands. My wusthofs aren’t nearly as sharp as my shuns, but the shuns are very delicate. Some of them are chipped and I have no idea who to send them to, to get sharpened. Shuns are definitely not for a novice chef or home cook because of the high cost and high maintenance.

Comfort should also be in there. Very important to have a good grip and feeling with the knife. Which can different for different people

Sorry for my bad english in front.
Most Video compare japanise Cook'sknifes with German Cook'sknife, but whats about meat knifes or fileting knifes for exsample (there are a not more spezified knifes)?
Is there some japanise Knife solution?
The german steel is flexible and shows it's benefitz on this use.
Can you make a Video about the different Philosophie behind this kitchen historise?
You noticed different usage only in one sentence. But i think you are able to bring this item to us.
— like your Videos.

Hate german knives just because of the bolsters/finger guard being unpractical and annoying while using/sharpening. Just horrible.

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