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CDS Bushcraft Knife Review

I’ve had this knife for a while and have used it a couple of times in the woods. I really like it overall however it’s not the most useful for battening wood. The quality of the knife is just excellent and the sheath is real leather. It also comes with a Ferro rod for starting fires. It will do everything you need with regards to Bush crafting except one of the most important. I think I will take it out on a few more trips just to give it a better try. It is made with proprietary MV-58 Steel in Spain. If you are interested in this knife.
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Good looking blade. You can fire prep with that. Make feather sticks, shave bark and fatwood for tinder.

Knife is almost too purdy to use. Fire starter option is great. Great knife to pass down.

How can I not be first? I got the notification 7 seconds ago! Damnit. Looks like a cool knife. I love Tang.

So you’re saying “size matters”🤯 🙀 The sheath is good looking and allows carry options👍

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