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The KD Knives Arsen Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that’s big on size, big on weight, and very big on details, the KD Knives Arsen pocketknife.

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The general shape of blade and handle is that of the ZT804. Just not black or cpm20 or carbon fiber. Kind of boring though. I'll stick with my 804

Why are you insisting its so big when its noticeably smaller than a PM2 in the comparison. I think youre conflating weight and size a little bit.

Very nice! Same price as a Hinderer Full Track for a large and true “mid-tech” sounds good to me. Also the ‘NOT made in China’ adds value in my opinion. Would have been easy to hand the design over to Reate and sell them for somewhere north of four hundred but he didn’t and I totally respect that.

Laminated. Not laminated. That seems to be the question. Time, as Einstein already mentioned, is not linear. Shabazz actually demonstrates this.
Just my personal jackassery.

Make this knife as a lefty version with a 3mm blade stock and in vanax, and i'm sold 😁

Another review of a knife that's too expensive to use for anything beyond opening mail. It's getting a little silly now, Nick.

$595.00. For a pocket knife, that I will use, as designed.
No. That's ridiculous, especially for the steel involved. I think these knifemakers see similar prices on other peoples knives where the same high cost is either because of the steel, the makers name, or some part/operation of the knife, which, still, much like buying a Harley Davidson new (the prices used ones carry are similarly unjustified) anymore;you are only paying for the name. So these knifemakers see $500 and up prices on Chris Reeve etc, and they then think their knife is worth the same price, just because IT is 'handmade' too.
And, to be honest, I think Reeve's knives are overpriced as well.
These current steels that can bend like gumby, and hold an edge until the next ice age w/o needing to be sharpened are ridiculous, especially for the price the Mfgr's think they can slap on a knife. SOMEHOW, our Grandfathers (and Great Grandfathers, for you young 'un's) managed to win WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and so on, wars with knives of varying carbon steels and maybe 440A…they used them for what they were for, recognizing, with amazing, almost super-human displays of common sense, that it was a knife, not a prybar, wouldn't cut metal or brick, etc,and sharpened it when it got dull, because that's what knives and tools DO with use….and didn't complain or whine. And, the Mfgr's didn't charge an arm and a leg because of whose name or company was on the thing.
I use and carry vintage knives, and current day knives from well-known makers, but will not pay over $175 for a new knife. It helps they were just handed out like candy bars when I was in a SOCOM unit(s), and have Emersons, Beggs, and everything else, but was given to me-I paid nothing for them. They still work, most have lifetime warranties. I can send 'em off to be sharpened (Bcuz I have no idea how to do so. My "sharpening" just seems to make the goddamn knife DULLER, somehow) and I have enuff for a modest rotation, both pocket and sheath knives.
Makers need to work on pricing-it is just way out of hand. I'm looking squarely at you, Spartan Knives. Your one of the worst offenders.

Who names these knife models?

I’m imagining my next conversation with the police:
“Oh, don’t worry, Officer, that’s just my Arsen.”

I thought this was a variation of the Rexford 0804 at first. Feels a bit too plain to me, not really anything special.

I think the European custom makers are beating US makers currently.

I got a 4.1" elmax titanium linerlock with CF scales. All components handmade by one man, in Czechia, for $400.

Contrast that with the fairly unknown, but gaining attention, US maker that i got a quote for a reblade of a 2.5 inch knife in REX86 (my 6" bar)….. $375.

I know, i know, people don't wanna do reblades… it wasnt that, he seems to be happy making a name for himself doing reblades. Not REK, btw. Hes always been great.

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