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Knife Review: Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter

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That compact knife really does appear to be a very useful skinner and general purpose EDC/utility blade. While functional, I do wish that Benchmade had made the kydex sheath more versatile (more eyelets and an adjustable tek-lok would have been perfect).

Awesome knife! I have had it for about a year+ and, aside from being designed as a hunting knife, the practicality as an EDC and/or for utility applications is absolutely phenomenal! I prefer the horizontal carry as the knife is the perfect size for it and it stays out of site, yet the blade is big enough to tackle 99% of everyday tasks/uses. The jimping is very functional allowing for a safe firm grip, coupled with maximum power and control. If using as a hunting knife, or in any scenario where the pointy tip could accidentally puncture something unwanted, the jimping near the tip/point of the knife allows you to use you thumb or finger right at the tip, blocking/covering the point/tip, allowing you to use the edge of the knife to shave, slice, skin, or cut with maximum control and with out the fear of accidentally puncturing something unwanted with the point/tip. Great video. Benchmade created an awesome looking and extremely practical/usable blade. Well worth the price point!

I picked up a dymondwood model but the leather sheath is kinda flimsy do you know if the Kydex sheath will fit the 15016-2 model or is it only compatible with the 15016-1 model

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