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Kizlyar Supreme Echo knife Review English

Kizlyar Supreme’s ECHO knife in AUS8 review in English. Kizlyar Supreme is a Russian Federation knife knife manufacturer that has been on the scene since about 2011, although work started 2 years prior on knife designs and concepts. Kizlyar Supreme’s knives are a result of an international design team with people from AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, JAPAN and of course RUSSIA.
I came across this brand over a year ago whilst traveling and their no nonsense practical models really attracted my attention, they appeared to be very well made knives with great designs, so I had to check them out further.

You can read all about them here:

The ECHO is marketed under Kizlyar Supreme’s outdoor and hunting knife range. At the time of writing the ECHO comes in either D2 or AUS8. The model I test here was in AUS8. I’ve got to say that there is a lot of hearsay about how AUS8 can’t hold an edge compared to this that and the other knife steels and that’s just it, it’s hearsay. I put the ECHO through it’s paces and like all of my videos you only see a fraction of what I did to this knife. I used the Echo for 3 weeks solid under camping and hunting conditions, and when it wasn’t being used like this it was used around the house cutting up all sorts of materials. Did it loose it’s edge? Did I have to resharpen it? Answer NO to both questions.
Kizlyar Supreme are also offering their knife models either un coated or coated in a non reflective TiCN ceramic. The coating held up well after hundreds of insertions and removals from the Kydex scabbard that came with the knife. The knife was exposed for example to: the juices of raw meat; onions; carrots; potatoes; various plant materials including green wood sap; nettles; marine salt; and both fresh and stagnant water and abrasive materials. I never washed the blade over three weeks usage, just wiped it down with a damp rag that was wet from the rain.

The ECHO was comfortable to use in an ungloved hand, it has micarta slabs as a handle that are riveted onto the handle with “Duraluminum” alloy. This type of aluminum alloy is known more commonly as a “2000” grade or in this case an Aircraft Grade Aluminum. It’s light and very strong. The tang is a genuine full tang construction, ie the rivet holes are the only areas of where steel has been removed in the construction of the handle. Kizlyar Supreme make a point about this on their web site too.

There were no rough edges around the thumb/finger gimping and high magnification showed that these grooves were nicely rounded. The blade came deadly razor sharp out of the box with an even grind the entire length of the edge, a good sign of a well made knife. The blade itself is slightly hollow ground and that makes it of course a good cutting knife. Essentially this is like I said a no nonsense practically well designed knife.

The kydex carry system in nice too and securely holds the knife in place with a positive feel and lock. The belt clip is designed to allow the knife to be be carried either horizontally or vertically and you can switch to either way by simply undoing some Philips head screws. This 2014 model sheath itself IS FULLY MOLLE compatible via the cutaway areas. You can place the knife onto your belt without having to take your belt off but removing the scabbard without having to undo your belt is a little difficult but not impossible. Personally I never have a reason to do the latter so it’s not an issue for me.
Whilst the Echo is marketed under Kizlyar Supreme’s Hunting and Outdoor series of knives, I mention in the video you can use this knife for fishing. Yes it is not a fishing knife per se and too short to fillet large fish, however, for me I’m never filleting fish when I’m out in the wilds, this just wastes vital food. I want a knife with a good point and is sharp to be able to gut the fish and chop it up to cook it it’s really big :)!

When reviewing any knife I like to be able to liaise/communicate with the manufacturer about their products so I can present the best possible review of factual information. In this case Kizlyar Supreme have been very forthcoming and rapid in response to all of my questions regarding not only this knife but other models from Kizlyar Supreme. This certainly reflects what they have to say on their website and I quote: “We are open to communication, feedback and any comments that would allow us to become better”

I’ve got to say after about 3 weeks of constant use, I really like the ECHO as it was a joy to use. I looked for problems but I couldn’t find any. Not too big and heavy and not too thick with a nice tapering blade. If you’re a hunter/camper, I’d definitely recommend this model and it’s not going to break the bank.

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Apologies to all those who speak or are Russian for my incorrect pronunciation of the name Kizlyar. I just can’t roll those “r’s”.

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This aus 8 is better because they make it much harder and it is likely better quality. Cheap aus 8 with a hardness of 55 or 56 disappointed me too.

Fantastic and very refreshingly paracticle review. Agree with the comments about stupid abuse of knives. About he aus8 steel it may not be the most exotic blend but it just works so well and is very easy to sharpen. Your review has led me to purchase yet another Kizlyar knife….my wife is going to kill me this time

Be careful not to buy any knives/tools from kizlyar manufacturer or one of their distributers , they are all thieves , kizlyar is not a reliable company , Do not trust them or any of their distributers in USA or anywhere else, They are all thieves. You will lose your money and knives

Good review, BUT, i don't agree with your view on AUS8.
AUS8 is a cheap tool steel, yes it does the job, but it defenetly ain't a supreme steel !!!!
Thanks for the review.

That spider scared the living FUCK out of me especially considering that i just killed one a minute ago 🙁

Great reviews on your channel, especially kizlyar supreme knives! Today I subscribe your channel, thanks for your vids.

Хорошо , но мне больше нравится Коршун 2 полированный от Кизляр

Great review! Practical and no-nonsense, a show of the knife's real use by the normal person. Of course you forgot to cut the tree for the fire! Probably brought along a specialized tool for that as you mentioned one should. All in all, very nice video. Everything is there, except the smell of cooking…

Thank goodness! An English language review of this fine looking knife! Good on you mate!

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