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Condor Stratos Knife Review: Bushcraft | Survival | Camping | Walnut Handles, 1075 Steel

If you know Condor Tool and Knife, you probably know some of their knives like the Bushlore or the Crotalus. But the Condor Stratos hasn’t gotten as much coverage as some other knives, so I was glad to check it out, test it, and tell you about it with the help of my buddy Brendan. Overall I like the look of the Stratos and it did all the work well (love that scandi grind), and with a cost of around $40, I think this is a really nice deal.

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23 replies on “Condor Stratos Knife Review: Bushcraft | Survival | Camping | Walnut Handles, 1075 Steel”

Condor is the best company when it comes to making knives!!!! pay 200 bucks for a "tops" knife, you will not get the money's worth! Condor is the way to go! not only re their knives beautiful, but they are functional as well

Stop beating a knife like that. Any piece of lumber smaller than yor hand will burn easily.

The swedge is their because Joe Flowers copied some of the old timey Mora knives! Old Med Skarpa's have the same blade profile.

I bought one and it came extremely sharp right out of the box I was amazed. I have size large hands and I think the handle is little big lengthwise.

it has the look of a classic hunting knife I love the look of it. and condor makes some great knives. thanks for the great videos and information

Not sure why YouTube keeps unsubbing me from channels its really starting to make me mad! GREAT review of a great knife from Condor! I am a huge Condor fan! Thanks for sharing, Dawn

That is a very nice knife at a good price point.  I really like the scandy grind too, with a sheath that rocks.  I find very little need for a stabber so I think I might be in the market for one of these very soon, just in time for camping season in Canada.
Great video, I like what you do on this channel.

Seems old school,and stuck on knifes from k-bar,case,Buck hard to beat these guys,fro small to large,folders and fixed

Ugh. Hard to watch him baton that wood into the soft ground. Put the wood on a solid surface for a better gauge on how well the knife performs at batoning.

hard to trust a guy with a patriots sweatshirt, but I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt if you can vouch for him.

Really looks like a great knife! Glad you brought it to my attention. I just may have to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

I have a knife designed exactly like that made from a file and it is a beast! I paid 15 bucks for mine.

Although Brandon does a very good job, I like the videos with you alone better, because its more personal 🙂

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