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Becker BK-7 vs Ontario Rat-7 knife review

Comparing the Becker bk7 and the Ontario rat 7.

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I have both. The Becker is awesome in the woods. I added a choil to the Becker and a set of micarta scales.

To stop the sheath rattle, heat the plastic insert and mold it to the knife

BTW, my Rat-7 also chipped.

I despise unfinished micarta. In my experience it tears up your hands with extended use and absorbs tons of moisture, getting funky and gross in short order. One advantage is that you can shape them yourself with sandpaper and it is a cheap material to make, probably one of the cheapest in reality even though it is touted as premium it is not.

I'm guessing they get these sheaths for $2 cause they refuse to change regardless of complaints…. I freaking hate having to buy a sheath its rather stupid esp when some cheap China knives come with good kydex/plastic sheaths.

I have a BK 9. Agreed the grip is less than ideal, I never replaced the scales. I put some 3m antiskid tape on them, helps a bit. My biggest complaint with the knife is the abrasive coating on the blade. It adversely affect camp kitchen and butchering duties. I sanded mine off and polished to a mirror finish, slices much better. Just my 2 cents. Great video, keep up the good work!

I own Both , and the bottom line is they are 2 of the Best Survival / Camp knives under $100.00 , you can't go wrong with either one. You can customized both of them , over time , the way you want . I bought micarta scales for my BK7 and got kydex sheaths for both of them. That said , I personally like the BK7 better for how I use my knives, its a little bit heavier , it chops better , and it Baton's better IMO , and the way the big thick handle scales are shaped , I can wrap my fingers around the front of them and choke up on the blade , I've been doing it for years , Gideons Tactical has a video on the BK7 and he shows you how to do it , I also love clip points …

Dogwood customs makes bk scales with glow crystals so if dropped at night, they are easily found.

Come on donnie b
I have both and, yes they are both phenomenal, you know the bk is a little better. No shade towards okc

2 great hunks of iron i think the cheep cases is just 2 keep the price down the case in canada is about $70



i own both rat 7 &bk7 i want to carry both but? there both great blades youll be happy with what ever choice u make

I've been a fan of Ontario Knife Company products. The Rat 7 seemed to be a very good overall budget survival knife with (not my favorite but) adequate steel plus micarta scales. Cheaper sheath now. The first I bought had a twisted blade, rear to tip, and went back for replacement. The replacement I received was simply bent to the left. I have lost confidence in OKC.

In actual use, the becker handles work just fine, especially if you wear gloves. Sometimes, with a handle with a lot of traction, you have to wear glove to avoid a hotspot on your hand. I like the BK handles. They feel better to me doing heavy work. BK7 is a badass blade no matter how you look at it.

BK 7 is by far the best knife,on the survival one tool option category. Only Falkniven A1 could come close,if it wasn't that chipy stainless steel they use and if it was at least one inch longer and if it had at least a handle close to beckers design,which it hasn't and so on. Rat 7 is at esee category,same steel same grind and very similar handles.Kabar's steel real name is Sharon 170-06 or SAE alloy 50100B (AISI designation)
which is closer to O1 steel properties steel, rather than 1095.That's a marketing trick of course.There is no 1095 cro van steel out there but people,prefer that crapy steel which actually is my least favorite and imho, the most overated steel.,that's why ka-bar puts that fake name.That's the only complain I have from the bk 7,for what you pay,you get the best on the market at a great bargain price. PS Did you sharpen at least 2 or 3 times the edge and put a bit of convexing and polish before use?,.If not,you can get chips with any knife.cheers

Donnie, the Beckers are slightly better Cro-Van high carbon steel than the Ontario Knife Company Rat 7's 1095HC. The 1/4" thick full-flat grind 5160-steel Ontario Ranger RD-7 and 3/16" saber-grind Ka-Bar Becker BK-7 have been my default "survival one-knife" go-to's but the scales on the former MUST be rounded and on the latter MUST be replaced with micarta making them both rather more expensive than the OKC RAT 7 that has a nice belly and tip. …wish they made a 7-1/4" (7" military minimum fighting length) BK-10 with micarta.

I have a fondness for K-Bar Becker, little Mora, and Ontario knives. Not premium-finished the OKC products are serviceable with good materials, well designed and manufactured, fairly priced and Merican made. But… I just "bothered" with the universal, all-purpose, more bushcraft/less tactical oriented Rat 7; it's "twisted," rear to tip (I presume from bad heat-treating), and is being replaced! That's different, as are the simpler sheaths.

You can buy aftermarket micarta or G10 handle scales for the Becker.I have a BK10 with micarta scales.

I prefer a stronger saber grind over a flat grind. Ranger bands on grip and a little 320 grit on the coating and ur set. BTW tell us blade thickness on ur reviews. Thxs for vid.

Im trying to decide between these two exact blades at the moment. If you could only grab one on the way out the door which would you take?

i hear what you say i have both rat 7 and bk 7couldnt deside plus the r tac 2 and bk 9 +many more those are my favrots great blades .when i leave in the morning its allways a tough desision what to carry great flik keep it up !

I own the ESEE-6, as well as the BK-7, as well as most every other Becker, and ESEE made. Both are very nice. I find myself using the BK-7 more, only because the ESEE is so nice. But that is my issue. Can't say anything about the RAT, but the ESEE-6 I would put into that category. The BK is a great wilderness blade though, and tough as hell. Really can't go wrong with either.

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