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UNBOXING + Review of the StatGear Samurai Pocket Knife /Key-chain Knife

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15 replies on “UNBOXING + Review of the StatGear Samurai Pocket Knife /Key-chain Knife”

Thanks for all of these reviews Jake, I got a Opinel No7 knife yesterday for his birthday I bet he 's gonna love it , Im thinking of getting one for me too.

I think the Japanese characters say 'Bushido' which was the name of the Samurai code. The blade is like the katana /tanto blades.

It's a shame that i can't get anymore knifes to uk, ther grab all knifes now and destroy them. 🙁

i wonder if you can do light chiseling with the tanto? cant wait for the Brother knife review. thanks for sharing, Jake.

Top of the morning to you Jake, good to see a wee knife Wednesday. Looks like a decent little knife reminding (looks and size) me of the Sanrenmu 4112 half-stop slip joint.

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