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Tool and EDC Review: Nite-Ize S-Biner #3

My thoughts and views on the Nite-Ize S-Biner #3.

Another must-have bit of gear for my EDC. The S-biner is strong, light, thin, and full of utility. The uses are limitless; as long as you have two things that can be, and need to be, clipped together, you’ve got a use for the S-biner.

I have retired the standard aluminum carabiner in favor of this “S” design. One of the advantages is the ability to unclip my keys or gear without removing the biner itself from my pocket or pack. Another is that its diminutive size means it disappears in my pocket much better, and flatter than other biner designs. I want my tools and accessories to “disappear” until I need them, and that’s exactly what I get with this little guy.

Despite online reports of weak gates and lost keys, the three clips I own have strong tension and retain items more than adequately. I’ve had no near-losses or close calls and each snaps into place just right every time. For around $3 each, there’s really no reason to have one or two of these size #3 S-biners on-hand for everyday fastening tasks. Further, Nite-Ize makes these in several sizes, colors, and materials, so there’s one for just about every size job you’ve got. Good stuff!

Specs on the S-Biner clip discussed herein:

Length: 2 11/16″
Weight: ~0.5 oz.
Material: Stainless steel
Load limit: 25 lbs. (not for climbing or rescue)

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Great vid! I subscribed. I also like the #3 to be the best size. But all the stores that have an endcap for nite-ize, seems that #3 doesnt exist in black stainless– only in bright stainless if u buy a asst. 3 pak (#2, #3 #4 ) or if u want plastic in asst colors. They need to wake up & make the best of their products avail. They are perfect for molle webbing like backpacks, BOB's vests etc. But in these cases, flashy & shiny and weaker plastic is not always desireable. Just seems like the steel black #3's got omitted in the displays. Of course — becuz thats the one that i want… too funny!

Cool, glad to hear it! I can't help but buy a couple of these whenever I'm at the sporting goods store; I always find all sorts of uses for them. I have them clipped to just about everything including my toolbelt and bag at work, my keys, Leatherman, Camelbak and more. Love 'em. Thanks so much for watching and for trying them out. Enjoy your week!

lol "and i still do like these…" *throws the caribeaner across the table* I actually found the black where i work at Lowes. I picked it up bc I saw your EDC set up and gave it a shot. I love it, i have a #4 Black one in metal and i haven't looked back since. The only thing i miss with the regular caribeaners is that i used to use loop it around my knuckles when i walk to my car at night of something, makes a great improvised weapon. Great vid as always bro, God bless

The plastic version is very nice! I have several in size #0 and they're great. Thanks very much for watching and adding some info. Much appreciated!

I bought 2 of these in Plastic (COULDN'T FIND METAL) ! They are O.D.Green ! 4 key's weigh more than the 2 S-Biner's together ! Got mine at the local Lumber / Hardware Store ! They had a bunch of them but again they were all Plastic ! They have been working really well on my Maxpedition Condor 2 ! NO ISSUES what so ever !

You're welcome! I've bought a couple more of these in different sizes and I'm still every bit as pleased with them as I was when I first tried one. Thanks very much for watching!

Hi nice video and thanks for the recommendation I am totally going to get one of these

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