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Opinel Folding Knife and Multi tool

Funny Lighter Collection #1 –

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“This is why sometimes you guys need to read instructions” 😂😂😂 I’m pretty sure WE have been telling YOU to read instructions!

I’ve had the same #9 as my everyday knife for ten years. Great knives! Excellent review! Check the history on the knife also. Might be good content for you.

I love watching your channels 🤣🤣. Because you put it to the test !!! Love that quote and safety is first priority😂

I love opinel kn ives! They are inexpensive and the wooden handles are fun to customise and reshape to your taste.

Did you guys hear what he said,? I read the instructions? What? He read the instructions? What is Taras coming to these days?

Opines are really good , relatively inexpensive knives. It has been one of my EDC’s for several decades.

Тарас, перестань пить так много кофе!)) аж я трястись начинаю уже) спасибо за видео))

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