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OerLa TAC TF-0017 knife review

taking this sweet tactical fighting blade out for a test ride

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Hay Donnie B, thanks for another great review. It looks like Oerla made another great knife. After watching your review of the M-tech Extreme and looking at the Tops Skullcrusher and Tracker. Being on a tight budget do you know of a another similar knife for x large hands which is good quality for under $90? Do you have any info on the Bobcat Tracker? What's your thoughts!!

Another great way of us veterans sticking together .
Been watching this knife for quite some time .
You helped with making my decision that much easier !!
Thank you so much brother man !!
Have an awesome holiday weekend 🤠

Damn Donny, you are persuasive as hell. Imma go buy one right now at 3:00 in the AM. Also I have lady hands thanks for not judging us.

You got me sold on this one dude but I have to take it easy with the spending; my 📺 And 📀 player are both about to go out so I spent a little over $600.00 to upgrade and start fresh and I also got a Mongolian recurve bow with all the trimmings for $160.00 because I want to get back into archery and it would make awesome future videos. So got to get these paid off a little and I will look into getting this knife.

Awesome Sheath love that and like the handle its pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing're the luckiest guy ever…sooooo many knives! Great job on the paint job too 🙂

My financial advisor told me to stop watching your videos, I told him to go F#$%^ himself lol. Do you know the the song….I want to be a Canadian ranger , I want to live a life of danger..blood by combat Donnie!

Hey Donnie, just arrived today, Gil Hibben Old West Boot Knife with sheath. Is it just my ptsd or do they make an absolutly great blades. This is my third blade from Gil Hibben. I'm ready to play in the yard with you lol.

Pretty cool knife and very budget friendly as right on…..It seemed to hold up great thru your trials of use….Good stuff….

That's a badass EDC. I like everything about it. The blade sharpness looks on point. But, knowing me. I'll take it even further. Hehehe! I'm going to check them out in the future. But, my wife just got me an OTF and I got to save up for the Khukri House knives project.

when does actually start donnie b`s jack rabbit slims twist limbo knife milkshake far throw contest in your garden?

i have already ordered a giant donnie b burning man figure.
the material has been stored in liquid lsd for months. this will definitely have a great effect when it burns

You'll have to take care of the limbo pole, though

is it normal to get bleeding gums after using the toothbrushes you introduced?

Its a great solid knife I like the thickness of the spine and that’s it’s been designed by veterans that knows how to build good knifes

What a beauty of a knife, design and built is just amazing. I could use it to shave my girlfriend legs lol. Awesome review Donnie!

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