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MAM Operário 2043 Sheepsfoot Liner Lock Knife Review. Like an Opinel but from Portugal

If you’re into traditional simply designed pocket knife like your grandpa or an old guy used to carry, MAM knives from Portugal is a good choice. This review specifically reviews the 2043 with has a sheepsfoot style blade and liner lock made from German stainless steel. The handle is made from Beech, which is a type of wood from trees. MAM makes all sorts of knives, some similar to the Opinel and some not, and all are $9-$30. So they’re cheap, sharp, and a really good value if you need a two handed every day carry knife that doesn’t look tactical.

You can buy all sorts of MAM knives on Amazon:
The MAM 2043 with Liner Lock:
The MAM 2042 (without liner lock):

17 replies on “MAM Operário 2043 Sheepsfoot Liner Lock Knife Review. Like an Opinel but from Portugal”

I've seen a lot of reviews, but this one is my favorite! You gave the specifics of the knife including the thickness. Most reviews and sites don't give this dimension. It's important when I'm trying to figure out if it will feel comfortable in my pocket. I like your sense of humor very much. It adds so much entertainment to what would be another dull review. I hope you were a good dad, and took all that cut up cardboard out to the trash after the vid! Let's see what else you've uploaded.

Molybdenum! Wow – such a rare element to include in such an inexpensive blade! I feel privileged just to see such a blade with such elemental craftsmanship in the steel!

I'm a lefty and don't by liner lock knives anymore.Spiderco's or slipjoints are much better for me.The Ohta is a beautiful knife from Japan.Unless you are still angry about Pearl Harbour.The movie not the actual attack.

You seem to have oddly, ample supplies of cardboard around. Just saying. That comes in handy for reviewing knives. Your channel doesn't suck. Ok, it's pretty great.

Portugal is better than France.. Right? Strangers will validate me more if I dont like the French.. Right?

Had the spear point bladed one for about a year, easy to keep razor sharp, does everything a small, thin bladed, lightly built knife should do.

Can you say OOOOPINEL one more time for me?? Lol you said aaapinel haha just fucking with you

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