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CRKT Obake: Collection Selection No.77 — Knife Review Video The Knife Junkie
I bought this Columbia River Knife and Tool Obake, designed by Lucas Burnley a few years ago on a whim while at Dick’s Sporting Good, an odd choice for a sporting goods store, I thought.

The 8cr13MoV blade is a very sharp, sleek, upswept affair in the tradition of a last-ditch self-defense blade of ancient Japan. The handle is cord wrapped, faux ray-skin and incredibly grippy. I take this in the woods with me sometimes when running and under a sweatshirt it’s barely noticeable as it relatively flat and 2.4 oz.

This is a great little EDC fixed blade that works great around the neck, on the belt or just in pocket (though its little brother Obake Skoshi may be better for that), and at $25, it’s hard to beat.

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That’s pretty cool 😎 what a perfect knife for running 🏃… great share bob! I heard that scream too in the audio! 😂 someone saw you filming your self with a knife lmao 🤣 great video

Thats hilarious im running in a Park 😆 listening to this, I have the bugout with g10 on my waistline

Love the looks of her, but the steel is on the soft side. I've had to repair the tip on mine a couple times now….

I am avoiding CRKT their price & materials to value ratio is completely out of line. Good looking knife though.

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