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Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Machete knife review

Testing this blade after filming a bear eating my trash

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A week before hunting season opened I was posting signs. Was walking back to my truck when a small, maybe 300 pound black bear female stood on her hind legs and wooded at me. She was about 6 feet tall. All I had was my SOG Tigershark bowie on me. I was scared, yes, but I stayed calm and backed off and walked away as I drew my knife. I felt at that time that I wasn't naked or defenseless, but I definitely would have been if it was my regular CS SRK. For fks sake, tho, dont go into the woods with just a blade, no matter how big. Not even to your garbage cans Donnie. And why the fk would you approach them with cubs? You could have been killed! Have at least a 45, 44, 357 10mm. A bear killed a healthy 8 pointer we all had a bet , a pot, for who would take it on opening day. This was a 200 pound whitetail that female killed and we saw it all on the cameras. Next time dont let there be a next time.

Hm, you need a new garbage can 🙂 Nice knife/machete by the way. 1055, is more of a medium grade carbon steel. High Carbon starts at about 1075. But its not really the metal in the blade as to how well it was cooked. By that I mean heat treated and tempered. Cold Steel knives are well cooked, so to speak.

Reminds me so much of my favorite Ontario SP 10, I couldn’t bear to the ending !😊

I just saw the bears..I'm glad u not a violent person…lot of people would have shot them bears… I like all critters and I don't kill nothing …I'm glad u a good man … peaceful and not violent…

Once again thanks for the vid mate, great knife for the money. Love the bears at the end. Stay safe from across the pond.

Great video Donnie , thank you . I own one of those bowies , and it is a top bit of kit ! Best wishes from the UK !😁👍

Great!! Now I gotta tell your wife not to let you out after dark with only your socks on lol ha ha.

Great vid,awesome way to start the day..thanks mate..The bear was way too cool by far!…are you out in the bush or near town?….what would have happened if you caught up with them when during the chase??

The thing looks pretty damn good for the cash , but I have a point to bring up

The thickness difference between this and a Western W49 ain't all that huge
These run about 3 to 3.2 mm
A w49 os 5/32nd's thick , or just under 4mm
The W49 was a bit on the thin side , but that meant it didn't have a hard time biting deep into something , then being easily Yanked back out in the same direction
Figured I'd bring that up

Good video as always Donnie

I somehow got unsubscribed from this channel. I thought you stopped uploading. I'm back now.

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