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The Spyderco Siren Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that’s very specialized, but very excellent for its task, the Spyderco Siren.

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Hey Nick, thanks for taking the time to review the Siren! One note from the designer. I designed the Siren as an EDC for myself but my life has changed a fair bit since I was working in an office so many years ago. Ultimately, the Siren is designed to be an Outdoorsman’s everyday carry or an adventure knife for a weekend warrior. Although it may not be your average guys “office carry” I think most folks get out in the woods or water enough to find a place for it in the lineup. Thanks again. 👍🏼

I think on the water a handle that would be more visible in the water would be better. There's a reason why most of the salt series either are standard or option with bright yellow handles!

I love that you laminated the Manufacturer disclaimer… THANK YOU, Patrions for making this possible!!!

The Siren is a very compelling knife for use on the water and general outdoors use, but unfortunately in the use cases I have for such a knife, weight is an important factor. I generally prefer something high-viz too. As such, the Salt 2 and Pacific Salt 2 are better knives for me, as they're rust proof, linerless versions of the Delica and Endura. The Pacific Salt 2 weighs only 2.8 ounces for 3.75 inches of blade.

However, LC200N is definitely a better steel than H1. If Spyderco released a full flat ground LC200N Pacific Salt 2 (specifically, not a liner-ed Endura 4), that would be my perfect knife for EDC and outdoors use.

Might buy it and sand down the scales & grind down the guard.
Great knife and i know it's a little detail, but i love mr. clinton's logo😍

I don't get the blade to handle ratios on this or the PM2. Make the blade a little longer or the handle a little shorter.

Pre-ordered a Siren back in October through a retailer that will remain nameless. Got an email by April saying they couldn’t fulfill my order and canceled it. Ended up getting a Native 5 Salt instead (different retailer) and haven’t looked back. With an MXG Gear clip it’s darn near perfect for my work EDC. Work, for me, entails managing several state park beaches. Pick one up!

For a fishing knife, the blade is a bit short. Trying to filet out a large fish with a 3.5 inch blade might be a little tricky.

The bright liners are for when you drop it in shallow water or something you can still see it

Made in the USA is my number one factor in purchasing nowadays . Plus I like the thinner place shape. I am going to grab one up. Looks like a great work knife to use with work gloves

I own the Waterway, Salt 2 and Native 5 salt (ya salt life) waiting for this one to be available in Canada. As for fishing, I would of liked a compression lock, easier to clean the fish guts out of the knife. Thanks for the review

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