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Spyderco Delica 4: The Urban EDC Knife Debate Continues…

Thanks for watching… In this video I share with you the Spyderco Delica 4. There are so many reviews on this knife and rightly so.. Through the years this knife has proven over and over to be a great daily carry knife. This knife not not perfect however it checks a lot boxes for most folks. In my state checks one huge box is the blade length.

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17 replies on “Spyderco Delica 4: The Urban EDC Knife Debate Continues…”

Rotation -Kershaw Knock out M390 from USA Made blades , Cold steel recon 1 s35VN , Benchmade Presido II S30v , Delica , Shaman and Bradford 3.5 M390 and R2D2

Hahaha great intro George. Spyderco has amazing knives, a bit pricey compared to their competition tho. I mean.. it is “get what you pay for” kind of thing, but I think they need a few more in their “entry level” line. For over $100 that paramilitary ought to make me breakfast too.
As for my usual EDC, I rock the CRKT M16-01S, but I change it up about once a year

I'm not into Spydercos, Benchmades, CRKT, nor Kershaw. I'm more into the Ganzo F753M1 or the Rat Model 2. I too live in a communist state(Delaware) with a 3" knife law. My edc is a Victorinox Hiker and Explorer, also a LTWK Bushbaby. You also have to be careful how LEOs in different jurisdictions measure blade length. Some measure tip to sharpeners choil/recasso while others measure from tip to handle. Thanks for sharing. One.

Sweet stuff George. I think you have the staples there. Can’t think of any other classics that you don’t have, or that I’d rather have. The BM 940 is popular, but I’m not a big fan. Also like that you can get aftermarket scales or clips for most of those.

I’m always carrying my Bugout but I don’t have the 3” law where I am. If I had to go sub 3” I’d either go to the mini Bugout or the Spyderco Native 5 personally.

Thanks for the great video 👍.
The only things that leaves me cold in Delica is the steel. Its not that bad, but after using other knives with premium steels, I want my knife to be not just sharp, but aggressively sharp!
Other than that, its a great little knife. I use it every day around the house & it never fails.

I have a delica in my pocket right now. But thats cause i am working. At home i carry lots of things but the caly 3 in zdp 189 is one of my tops. It aint budget at all and cant even get it anymore but that makes it even more special. I would say pick up a lc200n native 5. You would love it. Just s bit less blade length than drlica but has that 50/50 choil you like. Rust proof steel as well

I've got probably 30 knives. I sold a bunch too lol. I had a bunch more. But I been rockin either the dpx hest? Or the kershaw skyline mostly. But I'll go with my pm2 or a couple of my Chinese d2 steel knives. I like the flippers with the ball bearing washers the best. Idk. It's less of an obsession than it used to be lol.

Also…what kind of Multi tools are you using? I have a Gerber Centerdrive and my son has a leatherman OHT, its like crips and bloods over these things…if you could do a versus review, that would be aiight, Thanks again.

Dope vid bro…Question: I live in NY and we cannot have OTF knives here, I tried ordering one from Amazon and they wouldn't send one here, not sure about BladeHQ. My sister lives in Maryland and I see that you are allowed to possess and have them shipped to you, do you know this to be true? Apparently, we are allowed to have them if we possess a hunting license but cannot have them shipped here, looking for a loophole my brotha lol.

Grimsmo Norseman since we have no length laws in Alaska. Definitely not Benchmade since they cut guns for the cops.

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