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Les Stroud survival kit

A survival kit described in Les Stroud’s book Survive. Presented by PAoutdoors. Thanks for watching.
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30 replies on “Les Stroud survival kit”

Get rid of that HF magnesium bar, They are unless you want to throw it in the fire to get it really going once it started. They are useless to get the fire started. Throw it in the garbage NOW.

Lol maybe if you read the book he would tell you how to use the kit most of the items he says you wear on the person leathernecks and knife on your belt! The bandanna on your head he has a kit with everything in it and it fits! Just saying

Well, I'm coming back to this one well after I initially watched it. I like to revisit older videos, and to explain why I'll start with an old joke. A has dropped his son off at school after spring break and sees his old economics professor. He comes up to him and says, hey I my son took the same test you have me 20 years ago! Why are you still using the same test? The professor says, yes the questions are the same but the answers are all different now! That's kind of the way I try to look at skills. The questions we deal with in survival are the same as they were decades or even thousands of years ago, but some of the answers are different.

Skills are lighter than gear or so I'm told. But as I learn more it seems like I carry more gear! Partly it's because I may not be an expert but I can see how little I used to know. So many of the kit videos on youtube are young fellas with the Altoids tins saying, this covers this C, this covers that one, etc. But I have had to use my kit and I would say anyone who ever has can think of lots of things they wish they'd have had that didn't fit in a little kit! I came through it with a pretty decent kit afterward I tossed some stuff all the "experts" suggest and add things that experience showed me I needed.

Good stuff, PAoutdoors! I have been subbed for years, love the content.

You can consider removing the inside rim of the can with a can opener. The plastic cover of the can looks like it is just gripping the other rim of the can.

I carry my PSK in a 2 oz tobacco tin…as recommended by John Wiseman. If I can't keep it on me at all times, what good is it? Les' kit is good for the backpack.

Funny thing i am getting the SAS one this month and the les stroud book ships in may

Any moron stupid enough to spend 100 bucks on the camillus deserves to be marooned on a deserted island with SpongeBob SquarePants for eternity lol

My God, people………..pick up the survival manuals from the Army, Marines, and maybe the SAS for reading!

A survival kit is like a Harley. Everyone has their own opinion and as long as you have one with the basics you can customize the accessories however you want so they fit your needs and local.

If your life is not worth the difference of just a few dollars, you should stay out of the bush (woods) Way to much Chinese garbage in this kit. I agree the compass is a critical item. There are some good button compasses on the market, but if you get one from Taiwan or Japan OK, otherwise spend the extra dollars and get one made in America or Western Europe. I have been providing kits to two "special" US Military agencies, and they did accept Taiwan made compasses, however I would by a lot of 250 and check all of them and an average of 20% would be unacceptable (leaking, dial hung, compass off as much as 25 degrees. Matches stored with the striker could get interesting as they all bounce about in the can. Sooner or later you will cut your finger whilst closing the blade—–give it time to break in, then you will have a finger guillotine. It's Doan Machinery Magnesium bar-If it ain't Doan It will not work long if at all. Also it is Coghlans products. Check the Country of origin on all products.

I agree with the guy who said it looks more like a 2-pound coffee can then a 5-pound coffee can he is correct it is a 2 lb

Good video. I agree with the magnesium block, pigging nightmare. I would just put in a ferro rod.

You can cut that ring out of the can with a standard can opener. But the Ozark cup handles still prevent it from fitting. However you should cut the ring out anyway for full use of the opening and for sanitation reasons. Another cheap use for the can is to empty it and put an old Gatoraid liter jug in it, slide a freebee plastic spoon down the side. Store the plastic lid on the bottom and shove it all in the leg of your girls old pantie hose. All fits together nicely. Now you can filter water, boil water and store water as well as cook and eat food out of it. A cheap canteen/cook kit.

Les is assuming that you've studied/have some skills. Your kit doesn't look great but you 'cheated' and some of the items fall short of his recommendations. Still, as you say, even the kit shown would be good in a pinch.

I use to watch les on t.v. . I was very entertaining. I especially like the one where he built a shelter out of driftwood and built a fire inside that was too big and set the shelter on fire! What a laugh that was!

A $6 48oz. grease pot from walmart will work a lot better than a coffee can plus it has a lid and a handle on it so you probably won't need a bail

I wonder does he talk about Bigfoot and searching for Bigfoot and his stupid survival book

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