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Amare Field Bro Slide Lock Knife Review

This is a recent purchase from for the Amere Field Bro knife that is a Slide-Lock it was interesting when I saw it and in the video you get to experience the knife with me. There were 139 units sold from the drop and folks already requesting them.


YouTube Channel

Blade Banter
3624 Commercial St SE
PO Box 4441
Salem, OR, 97302

Steel PMI and Rockwell Tests

Lubricant Testing

Printable Glove Sizing Chart

Creely Blades Steel Chart

Steel Comparison Charts


YouTube Channel

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2 replies on “Amare Field Bro Slide Lock Knife Review”

Hmm interesting you said it was around $50? Yeah it has a little bit of a bugout feel but probably enough different. If you end up using it enough it would be interested in seeing how it breaks in. If it breaks in well it’s always nice to have more knives with that lock at different prices.

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