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We tried everything to break this knife and FAILED | Breaking our best knife…

Last week we tested the $20,- Mora Companion Heavy Duty to it’s limits! This week we try a custom made knife in exactly the same way! A knife 10 times the price and 10 times the steel (k390).
K390 is one of the craziest steel we own! But at 67 HRC it’s much harder than the C100 from MoraKniv at 58-60HRC. So how will it do in these test! Find out!

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The Steel test

Original review of this Knife

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28 replies on “We tried everything to break this knife and FAILED | Breaking our best knife…”

Just imagine the strange mixture of pain and pride the maker must feel after watching this! Unless, of course, he had a heart attack before the end… Anyways, thanks DBK! Now I look at my Dulo K390 custom with even more respect than before. Mine is for lighter tasks because of its blade geometry but it still is a beast. I think everything Dulo makes is a beast!

Have you two blokes had a chance to have a play with the survival Lilly APO1 H for hunting knife. Looks a good solid knife.

Guys, please please wear eye protection when hitting hardened steel with hardened steel. There is no fixing a razor sharp steel splinter to the eyes, you will be blind.

It's hard to give this a "thumb up" because watching you destroy such a wonderful knife was really HARD.
…. but I did it anyway because I love you bloody bastards. Thanks DBK!!!!!!!!!

How about showing us if "Damascus steel" blades can be used for bushcraft. Seen a lot of them saying they're great blades, or are they all only for looking at.

Just letting you know that mafia city are advertising on your video. Hopfully that add revenue will make you guys lvl 99 bosses.

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