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Victorinox RangerWood 55 Swiss Army Knife: best multi tool knife review.

1:06 SHORTCUT to Victorinox Ranger Wood 55. Welcome to my best multi tool knife review about the Victorinox (Former Wenger), now Victorinox Delemont collection. This pocket knife has walnut wood scales and is the largest Swiss Army Knife (130mm) yet.This video will not be a full-featured review though. I just want to point out some of the history and features the RangerWood 55 has.

First I’ll do a short history about the brand names:
A crisis related to 9/11 attacks led to the acquisition of Wenger by its competitor Victorinox in 2005. The Brand merging took place in 2013, when Wenger and Victorinox announced that the separate knife brands were going to be merged into one brand: Victorinox
The model 55, was introduced with the initial 13cm Ranger series in 2007.The Ranger knives are the largest Swiss Army Knives currently manufactured. Based on the earlier 12cm Ranger Series,
In 2012 Wenger introduced the RangerWood series which brings the Walnut EvoWood scales to the Ranger Series. Victorinox RangerWood 55 Swiss Army Knife: best multi tool knife review.

Some specs and features:
It comes with a button-activated linerlock. If you push on the release button; it pushes the linerlock to the left
It has a whopping 9.7cm blade. The back of the knife is 2.5mm thick. Ofcourse this is a drop-point knife and a plain edge blade!
This is a double cut Wood saw and is fairly big with 111mm!
It has a full four finger grip, thanks to the evogrip made of the beautiful walnut wood, it lays well in the hand!
The Length of the knife is 13 cm or 5.1 inch
The weight comes in at 163 grams or 5.7 oz.
-reamer, punch and sewing awl
-My urban EDC 2017 is the Pioneer alox
-In the woods i‘ve used the Soldier knife (GAK)
This is going to change know!

Did you see the NEW Spartan?

Or the Black SwissTool?!

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Victorinox RangerWood 55 Swiss Army Knife: best multi tool knife review.

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I have this, sometimes when I'm drunk I just sit at the table and pat it like a kitten…

9/11 attacks??? Since when???
Since when does a government sanctioned DEMOLITION TEAM attack any building that they were paid to DEMOLISH deliberately?
Still drinkin' that Koolaid…..huh???

Awesome I just got one of these for my Birthday last week and I love the push button lock and it's a beautiful knife too!

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Great video! I really like this knife, that long saw is great, and the emblem liner lock release is cool too. You have some nice Swiss Army Knives! 👍

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