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Jeo-Tec Model 21 Fixed Blade Knife, Full Review

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17 replies on “Jeo-Tec Model 21 Fixed Blade Knife, Full Review”

Lone wolves that play with knives have the highest notch count.

Cheap coatings suck. Polished steel looks and performs best. Buying fresh steel seems to have dropped off.

Was the hone stone they provided any good at sharpening the N690? (i'm hoping for a "Hell Yeah!" too)

Hell yeah indeed!!!
I'm not down with hanging out with a bunch of weirdos on the best day 🀣🀣🀣🀣 cool knife brother I still think these are JOKER knives I've looked at the JEO-TEC catalog the bottle shaped wood handle models look exactly like JOKER from Spain..
I like small fixed blades I cannot recommend the Enzo 77 enough that have tons of verients of all their models.

These look to be outstanding blades, I never liked blade coatings though, but its better than rusty(=

Jeo-Tec knives are great. I own two No. 17’s and a No. 11. Buying the No. 19 as soon as they get back in stock. Excellent knives like CDS (Same company, I think), and Cudeman. Please review the Cudeman BS9 Quercus.

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