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Steel Will Scylla Front Flipper Knife Review

A good sized front flipper by Steel Will knives, there is a possibility to deploy from the pocket. This is a stand out from Shot Show for me and I’m glad I was able to experience the knife.


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Steel PMI and Rockwell Tests

Lubricant Testing

Printable Glove Sizing Chart

Creely Blades Steel Chart

Steel Comparison Charts


YouTube Channel

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9 replies on “Steel Will Scylla Front Flipper Knife Review”

Very interesting knife. I think it would be perfect for people maybe a little hesitant to try a front flipper. It is unique so I like it. Price isn't bad. I am going to have to watch again to see about size. Really enjoyed the review.
Any more info on when yours might be made and released??

I have the blue scale version, great knife, love the training wheels on the front flip, my only hiccup was the pivot came loose (a little blue loctite and it never came loose again)

I'm firstly impressed because has been shaped with really imaginative design.

Great review. So much relevant data here and well packaged.

Steel Will got my attention with the Shaula and their star named line in general. Digging front flippers as I do, I'm all over this, like bacteria on a face mask.

This is a very interesting knife and I can wait to check it out!! Thanks for sharing David!!

I like this one a lot. Thanks for getting the video out quick so I could see it for myself!

Knife pinches are just a step below stubbing your toe!

This design is interesting. Pretty cool. But that pocket clip(s) is an ugo. Still, I prefer this color over the black and blue one. Thanks for sharing.

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