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Schrade SCHF36 Knife Review

The Schrade SCHF36 is the smallest of the new line from schrade. It is stout and heavy for such a small blade. Let us find out how this blade stacks up.

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Says it’s not a bush craft knife what you show in the vid makes it a bushcraft knife lol live this knife just bought it yes I’m using it for bushcraft lol

Ugh I just broke my K-BAR splitting wood. I don't think I will be using a hammer but I was rushing for a fire. Hammer won I was shocked I've had that K-BAR for 20+ yrs. An bought 2 of these. Fishing,fire. It should be fine.

I’ve had this knife for almost two years and I’m just now watching a video on it and realized that mine came with a chip in the blade

I beat bag outta my SCH36… pounded shit outta it batoning… finally broke it throwing it into a tree… it shattered… but for $30.00 you can NOT go wrong.. & I disagree about not using it as a bushcraft knife… any knife is a
" bushcraft " knife if u know how use it….
If Schrade made this knife with a 90 degree spine minus the coating they'd sell a ton…

Hi Aaron,

Despite the age of this video I believe my comment is relevant and I wanted to pass along the information to your viewers.

Yesterday, 10 March 2019 I sent this letter to Schrade via e-mail:

“Hello everyone. While teaching how to process wood as part of a Winter Wilderness Emergency Care course the blade of an Schrade SCHF36 broke at the edge. The knife was being used reasonably and within the accepted limits of a bush-craft knife and was well maintained. It was approximately 14-months old and used specifically for teaching three classes per year. (Fall and winter) One possible factor, (?) when the knife was being worked the temperature was in the low teens. Despite the damage the knife continued to be used during the weekend processing wood, cutting 1/2 in NFPA compliant rescue rope, camp chores and fire starting. Nicely done… I am requesting a replacement. Please advise. Thank you, take care, Garv PS: I have a few pictures.” 

Less than 24-hours later I received a notice that a replacement knife was on the way. That is outstanding customer service and I want the viewers of this video to know that Schrade stands by its products and is a company you can count on.

I teach several outdoor skill-sets professionally for a major Federal alphabet and own high-end bush-craft/survival knives; I own beaters and I own and use solid day-to-day knives like the Schrade SCHF36 when teaching.

Some may argue that the knife should not have broken; it did, stuff happens. What is important is that the knife was promptly replaced without any nonsense.

I appreciate to opportunity to comment; thank you.

Take care,

PS: One more thing… I have commented on your site because I frequently watch your videos and appreciate your experience and insight. I also posted to a couple of other trusted reviewers.

Maybe if you actually spent some time in the field instead just reviewing shit ur hands would have some callous’s…. all these bushracters with knife reviews just rediculous..!!!! like ur buying a fucking car… its a mofo knife

I've heard good things about Nivea hand lotion …for those who want to maintain their soft and supple hands.

I bought this a month before your review , I've had 3 and half years now but, I did go with kydex and stripped the coating off . I haven't thought of buying another knife yet. And buy the way I've been fine with chimping without gloves , you're hands look kinda soft. 😂

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