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Kayak Survival KIT

Gear list LINKS:

ESEE Rescue:

Spyderco Rescue:

Flare gun:

Parachute flare:

Stohlquist fishing vest (its changed a little):

Rescue throw bag:

Mini Strobe:

Twitter: @Black_Scout

10 replies on “Kayak Survival KIT”

Replace your bet bag with a “Watershed” dry bag. They’re a pretty penny but very quality! Nice video! I carry a similar kit canoeing.

Good kit, I carry almost the same things in my kayak. I recommend that you carry a paddle float, pump and a sponge if you paddle far off shore, these will help you get back in if you tip over and get most of the water out. In cold water I also keep a dry bag with a towel and a change of clothes.

Jack has thought out every scenario imaginable…Black Scout Survival is by far the best You Tube Channel for Prepping, Survival, Preparedness, and self defense…Period.

What a coincidence, went canoe fishing today and could definitely use this. Great video ! Stay safe.

Great followup to the last vest review. Several things I didn’t think of. Making the list. Thank you.

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