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M&P 9c EDC Review

This is my M&P 9C review. MY EDC. Great compact pistol for the money. You will be very pleased if you choose to purchase this to carry on your person. Follow me on Instagram

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I ordered the sightmark mini for the M&p9c but can’t figure out why there isn’t anything for the mounting plate for this gun. Is it made spacifically to not have an optic mod capability ? Thank you sweet video!

Do you have a holster that fits the 9c w/ the tlr4? Love streamlight wmls and am buying one soon. I have several tlr6s and a tlr h1. I like that the 4 can be used as a standoff to keep the slide in battery when doing contact shots

Mine should be in my hands Friday. Same fde, but I'm also getting the 17 round mag with the X grip in my magazine holder. I got the same tlr and its been very functional for me as well!

Great review

Nice choice! Picking my 9c (black)up friday.I have full size(black),now lil brother! Cool vid. Thanx for posting.Subscribed ,,/

I have the compact and the full size. I absolutely love both. Amazing purchases neither have jammed ever due to the guns fault. The full size has not had any hiccups of any form. The 9c had 2 hiccups when trying 150 grain micro HSTs and I contribute that to the ammo being slightly to long. When chambering the first two rounds of the ammo the gun went into hard lock. Took a lot of force to unlock. Other then that the 9c has never jammed on other ammos. Eats all variants of SD ammo, wwb and federal fmj. Have about 1000 rounds through the full size and 900 through the 9c. I trust my life to it.

this is my daily appendix carry choice also… I just ordered a new NSR IWB appendix holster and mag pouch for it, and plan to get a surefire xc1 light. great review.

You should look into the Surefire XC1light for the M&P. It's sweet, It doesn't hang out past the muzzle at all.

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