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My Everyday Carry Tech Bag | 2020 EDC !

My tech EDC for 2020 here’s everything I take to and from work when I travel on the train.

Check out @Damien Wilde ‘s channel – he makes some amazing content.

Products mentioned :

OnePlus bag –
MacBook Pro –
iPad Pro –
RavPower USB-C Charger –
SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD –
Kingston USB C Adapter –
AirPods Pro –
Switch Lite –
Sony A7iii –
Sony Zeiss 55mm –
iPhone 11 –

Music from Epidemic sound :

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Video was shot with:

Sony a7iii:
Main lens:
Other lens:
Wide lens:

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19 replies on “My Everyday Carry Tech Bag | 2020 EDC !”

The "Brevite Jumper" is a great bag that functions as an everyday carry bag and camera bag. I bought it a few months ago and it has been amazing. I use it for uni and photography/video work. Would highly recommend. Also, loved this video. I really enjoy seeing what gear other people use and why. Good one!

Nice Tech bag & video!

I'm very particular with what bag I carry. But this one seems very me!
I'm currently using an Adidas NMD Backpack, which has a very flat, but "tough" shell. So it keeps my tech protected. Only thing is, it can't flex. So, like you said, put a hoodie in, and you've lost all the space. I'm going to check out that OnePlus bag though. 😀

Amazing content Tom! Really proud of you. I really hope you're doing great during this lockdown period. Wish you all the success you deserve.

OnePlus merch is excellent, and those bags are superb..I use a Xiaomi bag as my daily carry all but that Explorer is great.

Nice work mate 👍

Great video. Only recently found your channel. Really like the easy nature of the reviews. Keep it up 👍 As for bag recommendations it’s really rather YouTuber obvious but the Peak Design Everyday 20L I think would work for your gear nicely. I have the 30L v1 and I really like it. It can be a little bit “look at me” which I’m not a fan of, but it does work for both cameras or just as a daily carry bag.

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