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Hogue Doug Ritter Mini Knife Review – Bigger Than You Think

Hogue Doug Ritter Mini Knife Review
The Hogue Doug Ritter Mini RSK MK1-G2 is a smaller version of the full size knife that was designed by Doug Ritter. With it’s G10 scales, the Doug Ritter Hogue Mini RSK has a blade length of about 2.9 inches. Since the Doug Ritter Mini RSK MK1-G2 is a smaller knife, it only weighs about 2.68 ounces or 76 grams. The Hogue Mini RSK MK1G2 deploys fairly quick thanks to the bronze washers. The ABLE lock also aids with deployment of the Ritter Mini Hogue blade, which utilizes CPM-20CV steel.
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Hogue Doug Ritter Mini RSK MK1-G2 knife specs:

Model#: 54194-EXLRSK
USA Made: yes
Blade Steel: cpm-20cv
Blade Length: 2.9″ or 7.3 cm
Lock Type: ABLE
Deployment: thumb studs
Pivot Material: bronze washers
Blade Style: drop point
Blade Finish: stonewash
Grind: flat
Pivot Screws: t8
Blade Thickness: 2.36 mm
Blade Width: 1″ or 2.5 cm
Handle Length: 4″ or 10.1 cm
Handle Thickness: 0.50″ or 1.2 cm
Handle Scales: g10
Closed Width: 1.21″ or 3 cm
Open Length: 6.9″ or 17.5 cm
Lanyard Hole: yes
Weight: 2.68 oz or 76 g
Price: $140 or 129.4 Euro

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29 replies on “Hogue Doug Ritter Mini Knife Review – Bigger Than You Think”

I have never owned an axis/bar lock knife. Is there any of them where the blade is not so easy to be shaken loose? In back locks and liner locks I always set the pivot tension so it's very hard to shake it loose but split-second one-handed operation is still reliable. I don't want the blade opening in my pocket if I run, fall or bump into something.
I wonder how the Elementum performs with its somewhat thin hollow ground blade. D2 is tough for its chromium content though. Can one do tip tests with it?

I am in love with the axis (like) lock knives. You should do a show with as many brands who copy Bench made once their paten ran out. I have Ganzos and The Sog Terminus so far.

I have to get one of these. I have been wanting the original forever. Thanks for doing the comparison to the original mini grip. I wanted to make sure the handle was a bit longer on the ritter . As soon as I can scratch of the cash I want to order one.

All the work this guy does for the community, it seems I should purchase one for that reason alone.

I’ll keep my original BM Ritters in m390. I have 3x minis and 1x regular. All new in box. 😀 Benchmade stopped making it for licensing and royalty reasons. Ritter went to Hoque only for that. Benchmade is expensive but their warranty is top knotch. Heard horror stories about Hogue and their designs are meh and largely borrowed, if not straight up stolen.

140$ is an amazing deal for 20cv. You pay 140$ for a bugout with s30v. I'll go with the hogue for sure.

Love these knives they are so good. Been wanting an Elementum for the longest. Great review as usual.

Nice review of the Mini RSK, it is tempting. I always look forward to your knife content, keep up the great work!
Thanks for the chance at a Civivi!

I'm in! Great review of the mini Ritter, Jay. I think I'm gonna try to get my hands on one. Cheers, buddy.

I have a hard time spending that much on a folding knife. I've bought a couple fixed blades over $100, although I have sold all but one.

$100 + Knife? Well I got this old roadster to maintain…. But I always enjoy your reviews as a vicarious pleasure Jay. Keep up the good work.

The Bugout clip is a big improvement. I like the knife a lot. Just usually don't spend over $100 on modern folders. Thank you for the opportunity to win your Civivi Elementum. Great gents knife.

Hey Man, luv your videos, I never win anything, so maybe my luck will change. Either way keep doing what your doing.

Finally, watching a full post pays off! Appreciate the content (even the ones without GAWs)!

sneaky sneak. I'll consider it even for the 2 freetiger FT903s you convinced me to buy. Just let me know when you want my address 😉

Hi Jay. Certainly is a good looker. If it had ganzo on the blade everyone would be talking ripoff, etc. But i bet nobody says that about this knife. And benchemade bringing that same blade back with another name. If that isn't fraud what is. Lol. Who cares ? A good knife is a good knife. That stonewash goes great on that blade style. All the best, stay safe.

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