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Spartan Machai Field Test and Giveaway – KnifeCenter Reviews

We sent David back into the woods to test a new line from Spartan Blades. Check out more about the new Professional Grade knives here:

To enter a chance to win the Spartan Machai featured in the video:
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Must have a valid U.S. shipping address, giveaway ends Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at Noon, Eastern Time

Spartan Blades has partnered with KA-BAR for a new line fixed blades with Spartan’s signature design and KA-BAR’s affordability. The new Machai features a slim handle on a recurve blade to blend the best of survival and tactical knives.

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16 replies on “Spartan Machai Field Test and Giveaway – KnifeCenter Reviews”

Hopefully you did not get poison ivy!

I look forward to the Spartan / KA-BAR collaboration. I'm praying that this leads to S35VN (at 55HRC to 57HRC) production of KA-BAR Jarosz Turok, Ka-Bar Modified Tanto, Extreme Straight Edge, and finally an Extreme Tanto Straight Edge, WITH fully exposed tangs.

Great looking survival knife, has a bit of a kukri design. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to everyone!

Nice-looking blade I know a lot of people are saying it looks like this scharade but to me it looks more like a guardless Blackjack BlackMamba (bcn36)

Loved the video! Do y’all have a video on cleaning fixed blade knives of various materials from various gunk on them? I’ve tried some isopropyl alcohol and an eraser but still haven’t been able to get them as clean as I’d like. The different blade materials are CPM3V, 1095CV, and whatever Mora uses(1 carbon and 1
Stainless). Also how to get wood gunk out of the not-sawback on the Ontario 499 (I know it’s for sawing through a fuselage, not sawing wood). A storm downed out waxmirtle(spelling?) tree so tried to have some fun with my knives on it but the wood was still pretty wet and got pretty dirty from them.

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