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The CRKT Seismic Deadbolt-lock Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at an interesting lock, mounted in a somewhat less interesting knife, the CRKT Seismic featuring the CRKT Deadbolt Lock.

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There is some great videos of the designer, Flavio Ikoma, just hammering the ever loving begeezus out of this knife trying to make it fail. Really impressed with this new locking mech.

I have the CRKT Parascale Deadbolt. Reason I like this system, is that I have a nerve damaged dominant right hand which makes other systems hard for me to operate. If someone else wants to make them, I would be happy to try them.

Greetings nick, I have a video suggestion…Which Spyderco knives are easier to spidy flick open with a middle finger. I love your videos!

Love the knife worth every penny I spent🖒
Please do a review on the case peanut, russlock, or copperlock knives love them in the bermuda green peach scales

I love the idea behind this mechanism, it's just too big. They did a, correct me if I'm wrong, M16 line that has this lock and I want one really bad. It's cool and really pretty unique.

Not gonna replace my pocket bushman any time soon;would be cool if it was smaller and cheaper ($35-40).

I have the clever girl folder. In my hands it also had some sharp corners so but i sanded the edges wich solved the problem. I agre partially that the disassembly is not the smothest but that is only if you take everything apart. I use it alot but if i clean i only take the lock apart an the button i can unscrew with my fingers and the pivot with my victorinox. Then i can take the blade and bearings out and clean most of the knife. So for me its a simple knife to clean 90% and also greas the bearings if you like. These parts are not small so your not likely to loose them if you take it apart in "the field". I dont know if the seismic worls the same way or if you have to take apart one of the handlescales.
Just my experiense love your rewies. And sorry for the english it was not my favorite in school hope you understand what ikm trying to say.

G'day Nick, don't mind the biggns, but at 4 in. this is getting into fixy territory IMO. In any event one would have thought they'd have chosen a far more refined design to showcase the lock. Cheers Duke.

"Every part of this knife is just screaming… I have made poor life decisions"
– NIck Shabazz

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