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Rescue Knife Review – Lazer Designs

Personalized Rescue Knives – We review and compare our 3 most popular models. Great for groomsmen gifts and safety awards.
The Black Rescue Knife:
The Red or Blue Rescue Knife:
The Compact Rescue Knife:

All 3 models have a seat belt cutter, window breaker tip, modified tanto tip, and belt clip. The black has a serrated blade, while the Red, Blue and Compact are proudly made in the USA.

Which one will you give? Or use yourself? I carry the Black Rescue Knife in my go bags, in cars and the Compact Rescue in my pocket.

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Who doesn't need a rescue knife? Keep one in the car, in your go bag – I like these ones, with the modified tanto tips (don't break as easy). Make great gifts.

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