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Condor Selknam knife review

Bushcraft or Woodsman blade. Click play and see.

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Love how you can use the backside of sheath for a ceramic rod,an there's a place for a ferro rod, definitely a beasttly knife, thanks again donnie,love your bonnie hat,I just got one given to me the other day

That looks as thick as my puukko, but mine has a scandi,grind,not convex,it'll split logs,very stout tip,we'll balanced, throws are sparks with a ferrah rod

Convex is what you want for skinning cause it doesn't dig into the bone but glydes over it. They made that edge to thick.

Ok, now for the knife. Love the sheath. So very well thought out and outstanding. I wish all the Bowie knives had that type of sheath.
On the knife itself. Great job on it and I'll agree. Not for EDC, etc. I would probably put a different edge on it. So, you could do a little more with it.
Would love to contact you in the future. About doing a collaboration Khukuri House knife. Also make it to where there's only 3 in the world. Cause, you know. Cowboy has got to have one too πŸ˜€ Are you interested? I'd name it, "The Warrior".

Donnie, I going to do 2 replies, ok. When it comes to reviews. I watch yours and Cowboy's faithfully. I respect yours and his reviews 150%.
I HAVE to tell you something, ok. A recommend video on Bowie knives came up. By a guy named, Knife Sharpener Guy. Heres the link. I dont know if you know him or not. BUT, he's using some of your video footage, for his.

Good take on it and nice suggestions….Use the knife for what it's intended use is….Good stuff….

So this will be the shovel baker to dig the 100 by 100 meter pit in your garden. good choice i think. it will be really fast. Now you need a builder's helmet and John Carpenters black glasses that let you see things as they are. then you will notice how many strange things are going on in your garden. but that's why you are digging this pit.
condor knives are cool.

now all you need is flying hells of coconut drones in your garden attacking you.

I'm calling Kurt Russell to help you dig in his muscle shirt.

PS: I have 3 new little songs. Give thumbs please. Thank you. Hi.

You can get a convex edge scary sharp same as any other grind. I have 4 Bark River knives, and all 4 came scary sharp. From the gazillion Condor reviews I've seen, they appear to be hit and miss as far as factory sharpness goes. They make a great knife, but you may or may not have to touch up the edge when you get it. Once I got used to using a convex edge, I honestly prefer them over a standard v-grind now. I even convexed (scandi-vexed) my Mora Garberg and Bushcraft Black edges. They cut and carve like a dream now. Not that they didn't work great before mind you, but now they perform even better. They're both obnoxiously sharp, and just glide through most wood like it was balsa.

My knife alarm bell in my head is ringing and I see myself buying this knife πŸ”ͺ great video brotha πŸ‘πŸ»

Looks like a sturdy knife πŸ”ͺ….I own a couple on Condors….might have to add this one to my arsenal

I got my first big Bowie knife yesterday from my uncle…. later that night I had to get stitchesπŸ˜‚

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