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Zombie Survival Kit

I made this video as more of an update to my “Bug Out Bag” video than anything else. If your wondering how the shotgun mounts to the molly bag, it goes between the bag and the frame, there is a little shelf that it can lay in, all i have to do it tie it down. The total weight of the B.O.B is no more than 30lbs. And for you all saying how are you going to carry all those guns, remember I WILL NOT BE ALONE!!! Let me know what you guys think by leaving a comment, and lease dont forget to rate and comment. take it easy

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This is a terrible kit, I would not approve it. First of all, you can't carry that many guns, it's just way too heavy, theres too much ammo too. I'm not even sure how a rat trap is going to help when youre dealing with zombies.

Ok, here’s a problem very little people have the right to own a ak47, you have 3 long guns very Unnecessary and could slow you down in the process of running from a horde. People don’t need this many guns you only need 2 or rarely 3, also a zombie apocalypse might never be here when you’re still living. You could be dead form old age before you ever get to survive one, also 98% of the people are going to die of. It will start early stage then it will spread rapidly killing dozens of people or even millions just like the Black Plague. Just because you have so many guns don’t mean that you’re OP.

You've got your bases covered. However, I'd stick to one long gun and one side arm. All that gear is probably gonna be around 50 lbs or so depending on how much ammo you take and the stuff you're wearing. My Alice pack is set up for wood craft and I can easily stay 2 to 4 days in the woods with my gear alone, but that also makes my pack heavy, around 47lbs or so. That's including all my tools, food, and some water. This does not include guns and ammo. Add my AR pistol and 10 loaded magazines, that's another 25-30 lbs. That's around 70-80lbs with all my gear plus what I'm wearing. That's a lot of gear to carry and makes one slow. Better off having a plan and some caches along the way if there is some reason one really needs to bug out.

Guns are good for self defence against people and for clearing a large group of zombies if u need to

I would carry a 1903 Springfield for sniping zombies, a Mossberg 500 for close range zombies, a baseball bat for close quarters, and a 5 inch Winchester sheath knife for when shit hits the fan.

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